Raquell Rose, Gabe Brown’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Raquell Rose Brown

Instagram via Gabe Brown

Episode 5 of Alaskan Bush People season 11 features the wedding of the show’s reality star Gabe Brown to his wife Raquell Rose. The two were married in early 2019.

The official synopsis for the episode, entitled “A Very Bush Wedding,” reads “The wolfpack prepares for their first ever wedding in the bush. But as the family prepares to welcome a new member, emotions run high and the Browns struggle to keep their most ambitious project on track.”

Here’s what you need to know about Gabe Brown’s wife, Raquell Rose Brown:

1. Raquell & Gabe Had 2 Separate Wedding Ceremonies

Raquell and Gabe first got married on January 14, 2019 in a private ceremony in Washington. 5 months later, on June 14, they had a second wedding so that they could celebrate their marriage with their friends and family.

After the second wedding, Gabe told People “I’m so happy my family, especially my mom, could be by our side on our special day. Raquell is my one true love and we’re really grateful to have met each other. God is good.” Gabe’s mom Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017.

Of her new groom, Raquell said “Gabe is the most loving, kind and funny guy I know – he makes me laugh every day. I’m so excited to start our lives together and thankful for the support of our friends and family and to God for bringing us together.”

2. Raquell & Gabe Announced That They Were Expecting Their First Child in 2019

According to People, Raquell and Gabe Brown announced in July 2019 that they were expecting their first child. In a statement, they said “We’re so thrilled to share we’re expecting a new addition to our family this November… God has blessed us in so many ways and we can’t wait to meet our little one this fall.”

Gabe’s sister Rain commented on the pregnancy, telling People “Gabe and Raquell are both adventurous, kind souls and I know they will be amazing parents.”

Although they announced that the due date was scheduled to be November 10, 2019, no announcement has been made about the baby’s birth or revealing any additional information.

3. Raquell Was Friends With Gabe’s Sister, Which Is How the Couple First Met

According to Distracify, Raquell and Gabe met in California, while he and his family were in town for his mom Ami’s cancer treatments. At the time, the two knew each other because Raquell was friends with Gabe’s younger sister Rain.

On Alaskan Bush People, Gabe got candid about his relationship with Raquell, saying “She became more than a friend to me. We kind of liked each other and that kind of turned from one thing into another thing and now I’m kind of dating her.”

4. Raquell Had to Commit to the Bush ‘Lifestyle’ to Progress Her Relationship With Gabe

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Before Raquell and Gabe could take the next step in their relationship and ultimately get married, Raquell had to adapt and embrace the lifestyle that Gabe and his family are famous for on their reality TV show. In an episode of Alaskan Bush People, “I just think it’s come to that time with Raquell that I want to take it to the next level. I want to progress this relationship. I want to bring her into the wolf pack.”

Gabe’s father Billy Brown confirmed that “Gabe is the strongest in the family that he will never leave the bush. If Raquell came out and didn’t commit to the lifestyle, didn’t commit to what we are doing, it definitely just wouldn’t work.”

5. Raquell & Gabe Started Dating in 2018

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For Valentine’s Day 2019, Gabe posted a sweet photo of Raquell on Instagram. In the caption, he wrote “Once upon time I was lonely, and sad feeling as though the very spirit that made me, me had faded away as so many things in life do. Thanks to this amazing woman, my loving family, and the power, mercy and presence of God. Bliss has once again become part of who I am. Just taking a moment to appreciate someone very special to me Raquell Rose Brown.”

“This day marks our one year anniversary our day of romance there’s no better Valentine’s day than one spent with that special someone who fills your heart with love and soul with joy (a gift from God) we’ve laughed, cried, fought, and loved together. With a little luck, a lot of faith, some patience and a dash of teamwork, we’ll grow old together loving each other a little more everyday.”

Although the caption makes it seem like their anniversary falls on the holiday, which is February 14 each year, the photo was posted on February 15.

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