The Bachelor 2020 Contestants Remaining – 1/20/20

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Tonight is Episode 3 of The Bachelor, which means we’ll be one step closer to finding out who the future Mrs. Weber is.

Read on to learn which contestants are still vying for Peter’s heart this season on the show.

Victoria Paul

Tonight, Victoria Paul gets the one-on-one date with Peter. The two go line dancing, and share a lot of kisses, according to Reality Steve.

The former Miss Louisiana competed in the Miss USA pageant last year and finished 15th. These days, she works as an emergency, urgent care nurse. She also works as a Sales and Marketing Specialist at a dermatology office.

Tammy Ly

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Mmm… caffeinated soup. ✨? #riseandshine

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Tammy is a 24-year-old house flipper from Syracuse. She’s become somewhat of a “narrator” this season on the show.

Her Bachelor bio reveals that she hasn’t been able to find anyone to keep up with her ambitious nature.

Alayah Benavidez

The drama goes down on tonight’s episode of the show, when the ladies tell Peter that they don’t trust Alayah, and think she just went on the show for fame and Instagram followers.

These days, Alayah works as an orthodontist assistant.

Sarah Coffin

Coffin is 23, and is a radiology student at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. While she was a rumored frontrunner for a while, she hasn’t gotten too much screen time this season, and didn’t receive an intro package either. And, on top of that, she hasn’t gotten a one on one date yet.

Now, some are saying that she’s bound to be on the next season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Kelley Flanagan

Kelley came into this season with a leg up– she met Peter before filming began at a hotel in Malibu for her best friend’s wedding (Peter was there for his high school reunion.)

When Peter saw her on night one, he said that he had been thinking about her since the moment they met.

Sydney Hightower

Sydney, who went to high school with Hannah Brown, is a 24-year-old retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama. During his intro for Sydney, Chris Harrison says, “Talk about a surprise. Sydney walked in sweet, softspoken … but it wasn’t long before everyone knew that Sydney would say anything.”

These days, Sydney works as a certified nursing assistant.

Shiann Lewis

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When you see your server bringing you your food?

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Shiann is a 27-year-old administrative assistant from Las Vegas.

In an intro video talking about the woman, Chris Harrison said, “Shiann may be the favorite of the entire crew… We are not immune to having our favorites as well. And she’s just one that came right out of the limo and…you’ll understand why.”

Another fun fact? She’s a big hockey fan.

Kiarra Norman

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Life is amazing, thanks for asking ?

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Kiarra studied at Kennesaw State University and works as a sales trained model at Atlanta First Agency, where she has been since August 2017. She is also a nanny.

In this interview with Voyage ATL, Kiarra says, “I never really became serious about posting on Instagram until I joined Phi Mu and got tons of support and encouragement from sisters at the time. I realized that my BEST features were my big lips, hair, and long legs! As my mom would say: ‘people are paying for what you naturally have!’ Growing up with a single mom and my sister, they also have easily become my biggest supporters and I am so thankful for their encouragement.”

Savannah Mullins

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When you love life, life will love you back♥️

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Savannah is a realtor. She is also one of the Shooting Stars for the Houston Astros.

Madison Prewett

This isn’t Madi’s first stint on reality TV. She actually won The Price Is Right last year and took home $8,000.

Madi graduated from Auburn University with a degree in communications and went to seminary school at Highlands College. Her father is Chad Prewett, a basketball coach in Alabama.

Jasmine Nguyen

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Jasmine enjoys traveling, book club, cooking, and rock climbing. She volunteers at her church every Sunday. She is 25 and hails from Houston, Texas.

Her Instagram bio reads, “Livin’ to meet my maker.”

Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann has been a source of controversy this season. She interrupted Peter a number of times during the first cocktail party, and has since become embroiled in an argument, or rather, Champagne-gate, with contestant Kelsey Weier.

The 23-year-old, who is good friends with Hannah Godwin, is a model, repped by Wilhelmina Models. She was even featured in a Chris Lane music video.

Lexi Buchanan

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Hey it me

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Lexi is a 26-year-old marketing coordinator from New York City. She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and attended Florida State University.

In his intro video, Harrison shared, “Lexi has a really good entrance on night one in a way that really impresses Peter… Some girls do a crazy thing, outlandish thing, aggressive thing. She just did a cool thing. It really drove her way right into Peter’s heart on that first night. That’s Lexi.”

Natasha Parker

Natasha, 31, earned her bachelor’s in Television Writing and Producing at Columbia College. She worked at HBO in Marketing for five years before working on campaigns for Insecure, Succession, and 2 Dope Queens.

When she spoke to Access about her first meeting with Peter, she shared, “He’s someone who looks deep into your eyes and he gives you all his attention… And I’m sitting there and I’m like, ‘Okay, we can go now. We don’t need to any more of this because this is it.’ But then you talk to the other girls and you’re like, ‘Oh wait, you have that same feeling? What? What is that?’”

Mykenna Dorn

Mykenna is one of the younger contestants of the season, at age 22.

The fashion blogger already has a ton of Instagram followers.

Deandra Kanu

Deandra hails from Texas, but was raised in Maine. According to the Bachelor Wiki, she spent a lot of time growing up in Nigeria, which is where her father was born. Deandra grew up with a whopping ten siblings.

They write, “Her favorite feeling in the world is being the center of attention and, according to her mom, she thrives in the spotlight.”

Kelsey Weier

Kelsey won Miss Iowa USA in 2017. She gets into a heated argument with Hannah Ann this season on the show, which has come to be known as Champagne-gate. The 28-year-old is a professional clothier in Des Moines.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys exercising and traveling.

Victoria Fuller

To understand the full extent of the drama surrounding Victoria this season, click here. You should also know that Fuller has been such a source of controversy that Reality Steve dedicated an entire post to her. 

In his article, Reality Steve explains that he’s never– in the history of covering the show– received as many negative emails about one person. When Steve did some snooping around in Fuller’s hometown, he learned that Victoria has a reputation for getting with married men

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