AGT Champions Season 2 Semi-Finals Spoilers Live Recap

AGT Champions Finalists

NBC "The Champions Semi Finals" Episode 205 -- Pictured: Alexa Lauenburger

The America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2020 semifinals aired on Monday, February 3. With only one week left until the season 2 finale, the 12 semifinalist acts competed for only 6 remaining spots in the top 10.

Here’s what happened during the “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” 2020 semifinals episode, including who made it through to the finale:


‘AGT Champions’ 2020 Semifinals Recap

The 12 semifinalists competing during the episode were Duo Transcend, Dania Diaz, Hans, Marc Spelmann, Marcelito Pomoy, Ryan Niemiller, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Duo Destiny, Alexa Lauenburger, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, JJ Pantano, and Strauss Serpent.

First up was 7-year-old Australian comedian JJ Pantano. JJ came out on stage in a motorized kid car, before roasting the judges yet again. The judges were in stitches through the whole performance, and gave him a standing ovation for his “adorably mean” performance.

Violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa was up next. He performed “What a Wonderful World,” a slower and more emotional performance for Tyler, who usually dances along as he plays upbeat pop hits.

Marc Spellmann as X performed next. His magic act floored the judges during the quarterfinals, but even though he invited Terry Crews to the stage to participate in a series of mind tricks, the judges did not think his semifinals performance was an upward progression.

Duo Destiny delivered a stunning and sultry acrobatic aerial routine. Heidi Klum remarked that they “have” to be one of the 6 acts chosen.

Hans performed a cabaret accordion act as big as his personality, roasted the Twitter haters before breaking out into an energetic rendition of “Bang Bang.”

Close-up magician Dania Diaz delivered another personal performance that began by taking a selfie on Howie Mandel’s phone with all of the judges. Simon Cowell commended her for delivering a true magic up, 3 feet from the judges.

After holding for Simon Cowell to cough, Duo Transcend delivered a Greatest Showman aerial acrobatics act that then transitioned into a series of stunts on rollerskates. It was truly a mind-blowing performance that earned a well-deserved standing ovation.

Contortionist Strauss Serpent had the audience both cringing and mesmerized the entire performance.

Comedian Ryan Niemiller got a standing ovation for his performance from Alesha Dixon, but Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell told him he was not as funny as he was in the quarterfinals.

Dog trainer Alexa Lauenberger gave a performance that was even stronger than her first, and the judges agreed that she is the best dog act they’ve ever seen.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar performed their bar stunt routine over a bed of fire and executed the dangerous act flawlessly.

The night’s only singer, Marcelito Pomoy, sang a song by Andrea Bocelli, switching seamlessly between his upper and lower registers to show off his incredible vocal range.

6 Acts Made it Through to the Finals

At the end of the episode, only 6 acts could advance to the finale. The 5 acts voted into the finale by the superfans were Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Hans, Marcelito Pomoy, Sandau Trio Russian Bar, and Alexa Lauenberger. The judges got to choose the 6th finalist act, voting between Duo Transcend and Duo Destiny. They voted to give Duo Transcend the last spot in the finals.

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