WATCH: Post Malone Falls on Stage in Nashville During ‘I Fall Apart’

Post Malone Falls on Stage

Post Malone pictured during a performance in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Post Malone fell on stage during a performance in Nashville of his song, “I Fall Apart.” Malone was performing at the Bridgestone Arena on March 4 when the video was taken. The clip, which was shot by a fan and posted to TikTok, shows Malone on his knees, crawling, appearing to lose his footing and then rolling over while singing the song.

According to The Tennessean’s review of the show, Malone opened up by telling the audience, “My name is Austin Richard Post and I’m here to play you guys some s****y music and get f****d up while we do it.”

Malone’s Fans Are Alarmed by the Video

One concert goer tweeted a link to the video and wrote, “I’m genuinely concerned for Post Malone and his well-being right now.” While another fan wrote, “Yo, protect Post Malone man.. I’ve been seeing these videos of him performing where he’s not looking too good. Bro looks like he’s crying out for help on stage.. All I’m saying is I hope he gets the help he needs if he’s hurting. I’d hate to see anything happen to him.” Another video from the gig, showed Malone smashing a guitar on stage:

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Despite the concerns, the vast majority of attendees have given Malone’s performance glowing reviews. In the wake of the performance, a petition has been created titled, “Help Post Malone and his Addiction.”

During the Show, Malone Paid a Coherent, Touching Tribute to the Victims of the March 2020 Nashville Tornado

Malone also took the time to pay tribute to the victims of the devastating tornado that ripped through Nashville on the night of March 2. The tornado is thought to have killed more than two dozen people. Malone told the audience, “Anybody in here who might have any relation, I just wanna say my prayers and my biggest faith is with everybody here. Thank you so much for coming out tonight, ladies and gentlemen. And staying strong, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for tonight.”

When Asked About the Drug Overdose Death of Mac Miller in 2020, Malone Said: ‘That Could Have Been Me’

Post Malone Drug Addiction

GettyMalone performs onstage during Michael Rubin’s Fanatics Super Bowl Party at Loews Miami Beach Hotel on February 01, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida.

In a March 2020 interview with GQ Magazine, Malone spoke candidly about drugs and mental health. When asked about the deaths of rappers such as Lil Peep, Juice Wrld and his friend, Mac Miller, Malone simply said, “That could have been me.” Malone was asked if he was getting help for his mental health problems these days. Malone replied, “I am, now-I’m trying. It’s difficult. Through my songs, I can talk about whatever I want. But sitting here, face-to-face, it’s difficult.”

Malone spoke about Lil Peep’s November 2017 accidental drug overdose death in a September 2019 interview with Variety saying, “I remember when Peep died and there was a bunch of shaming like on social media, like, ‘Oh these kids doing all their f—ing drugs.’ At the same time you don’t know what someone is going through and you don’t know how easy it is just to get caught up in something to the point where you can’t stop. It’s not your fault.”

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