Can You See the Baby in the Window? Photo Explanations & Theories

Baby in Window

Twitter Baby in Window

A photo’s going viral on social media that some people claim is the new “black and blue or white and gold” dress. But others say it’s all a prank. People are claiming that not everyone can see the baby in the window that’s featured in a grainy black-and-white photo. But is that really the case or is it all just a joke?

The photo has been making the rounds on social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook. It shows a baby leaning out a window, but the photo is blurry and out-of-focus. The photo typically accompanies a message that reads something like this: “If you see the baby you are part of a minority who can see ‘paranormal’ things. If you don’t see it, you can’t see those things.”

What’s funny is that pretty much everyone can see the baby in the window, which means we can all see paranormal things. Of course, there’s actually no validity to the idea that this photo reveals your ability to see the paranormal, but it’s an entertaining joke.

Here are some more tweets about the photo.

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Some people are even trying to come up with reasons why someone might not see the baby. On Twitter, @Bapple_Juice wrote: “If you truly cannot see a baby, it might be due to the grey hues of the baby and the window are too similar that it obscure the object in the picture. Increasing the contrast to differentiate the object from the background might make it more apparent. Hope you can see it now.”

So maybe, just maybe, if you legitimately can’t see the baby, this explains why:

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Someone else joked that the curve in the window is tricking people into thinking there’s a baby.

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One person even drew the baby to help:

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Some people are posting photos without the baby, just to trick people.

In short, the photo is a joke. Most people who are saying they can’t see the baby in the window are likely playing along, while others are posting other photos that legitimately don’t have the baby in it. But nothing about the photo reveals if you can see paranormal things or not.

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Part of what gives this away is people saying that if you can see the baby, you’re “part of the minority.” But in fact, pretty much everyone can see the baby. If there are legitimately a few people who can’t see the baby (which Heavy can’t confirm), then perhaps they have trouble differentiating certain grey hues. But that’s just a guess at this time.

Truth or Fiction pointed out that this meme has been going on for a while. They found a version from back in 2016.

According to Truth or Fiction, posts like these spread because they start out with some people who are in on the joke and comment that they can’t see the baby, helping the mythology of the photo spread faster. If everyone immediately said they could see the baby, there wouldn’t be much interest in the photo or the joke.

The origin of the photo hasn’t been tracked down yet, but we will update this story if it is. Some people thought it was from The Royals stunt in 2015, but that was an older man who crawled out of the window naked for a promo for the TV show.

Since people started sheltering at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of jokes and puzzles have been circulating the Internet faster than normal.

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