Find the Cat: Here’s the Answer to the Viral Photo Puzzle

Find the Cat

Getty A cat waiting to be adopted looks out of its cage at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Can you find the cat hidden in a now-viral photo? The photo shows a crowded bookcase, and now people are trying to find the cat hidden there. If you’re still trying to find the cat, read on for the answer.

This photo is kind of like a feline version of Where’s Waldo. And since both cats and Where’s Waldo are so popular, it’s no surprise that this tricky picture has gone viral on social media.

The photo was first shared on June 7 by Kate Hinds. She’s the planning editor for WNYC, a public radio station. She posted the photo to her Twitter timeline.

If you’d like a hint, here’s what her sweet cat looks like:

So where is her cat? Read on for the answer.

Here’s Where the Cat Can Be Found

First, here’s another hint: the cat is close to The Power Broker.

Does that help?

Here’s where the cat can be found:


She posted a closeup to help:

Kate Hinds’ cat is named Norah, by the way.

Someone else pointed out that her cat was very close to a picture of a bird, which was pretty funny.

Someone commented that as a cat owner, they knew exactly where to look for the cat first:

Hinds is now sharing “Find the Cat” photos regularly. Here are some more you might enjoy:

She’s been posting “Find the Cat” challenges for a while, so you should probably follow her Twitter account for the latest ones.

This one’s easier:

This one’s a little more difficult:

This one’s a little tougher:

Hinds loves sharing stories about her cat on Twitter. Here’s another cute picture of her cat from this month:

Last month, Hinds shared that her cat likes to guard the room she works in and will meow like crazy if she closes the door. I can relate to this, because my cat Mufasa does the same thing if I close my office door. Cats don’t like being kept away from their loved ones.

In April she shared her cat’s “Kingdom of Boxes”:

I especially love this photo because her cat is right next to a painting of her cat:

Her cat likes to pose in front of images of her:

And here’s a little Christmas flashback of Norah that Hinds shared.


Hinds’ local bodega even has a cat that just turned 11:

This is just one of many puzzles that are circulating on sites like Facebook and Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic. If you enjoy riddles, we have quite a few for you to check out too. If you’ve seen the “How Many Ducks Do You See?” riddle and were stumped, check out Heavy’s explanation here. If you ran into the “I Met a Man on London Bridge” riddle and have no idea what the man’s name is, you can find the answer in Heavy’s story here. The answer to the “You Enter a Bedroom” riddle is here, and the answer to the “Can You Open the Lock Using These Clues?” riddle is here.

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