Sebastián Athié’s Last Instagram Post: A Message About ‘Being Free’

Sebastián Athié Instagram

Instagram Disney Sebastián Athié suddenly dies at age 24.

Disney star Sebastián Athié died suddenly at the age of 24 over the weekend. The news was confirmed by Cristina Chaparro, his manager, on July 4. A cause of death was not immediately released.

The popular Mexican actor’s death was first announced by the National Association of Interpreters of Mexico. They released a statement which read: “The Board of Directors and the ANDI Surveillance Committee communicate the sensitive death of the interpreter Sebastián Athié. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Athié is best known for playing Lorenzo Guevara on O11CE, a popular teen Argentine television series which aired on Disney Channel Latin America, as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Disney 11. The show ran from 2017 to 2019. He also starred on the Mexican TV series La rosa de Guadalupe (The Rose of Guadalupe).

Before his unexpected death, Athié’s final post on Instagram, where he had amassed 244,000 followers, was a moving message featuring a quote by the late Nelson Mandela.

He wrote, “Ser libre no es una mera cuestión de quitarse las cadenas, sino de vivir respetando y aumentando la libertad de los demás. – Nelson Mandela,” which in English reads: “Being free is not just a matter of taking off the chains, but of living respecting and increasing the freedom of others.”

In addition to his acting career, Althié also worked professionally in the music industry. In 2018, he released the song, “Hasta que Vuelvas” (Until You Return) with fellow actor Javier Eloy Bonanno.

Disney Channel LA tweeted a tribute in Spanish which translated in English reads: “Rest in peace, Sebas. Your art and your smile stay forever. We regret the departure of Sebastián Athié and we will always remember him for his talent, companionship, professionalism, and above all, enormous heart. We accompany his family, friends, and fans in his farewell.”

Many of Athié’s Instagram Posts Prior His Death Featured Emotional Statements & Quotes About Tragedy

A month before Athié died, he posted a selfie with the caption, “Huir de la soledad es, en realidad, escapar de la libertad,” which in English reads, “Running away from loneliness is actually escaping freedom.”

While Athié looks happy in his pictures, the words accompanying his posts always reached for some kind of deeper message about life.

In April, Athie was on a boat in Bahía Puerto Ángel when he wrote on Instagram, “La tragedia es el gran purificador de la naturaleza, entre la maleza deleitémonos, purifiquémonos. which reads in English as “Tragedy is the great purifier of nature, among the undergrowth let us delight, purify ourselves.”

Athié’s Unexpected Death Is Under Investigation

According to The Sun, the unexpected death of the young actor is under investigation according to reports. Athié seemed to be in good health. One day prior to his death, he had participated in a Zoom video call with fans.

If Athié was suffering from an undisclosed illness, such information has not yet been released to the public. An official cause of death is expected to be announced after the police finish their investigation.

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