Bear Brown & Raiven Adams Relationship Status Today

Instagram Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

In September 2019, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams called off their engagement, according to Country Living. The announcement surfaced just two weeks after the couple got engaged.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Raiven wrote about the breakup, “Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier? Regret.” She added that she and Bear had decided to “stay friends”, and “[cited] the struggles that came with dating a high-profile television star,” in the words of Country Living.

On Bear’s personal Instagram, which is now private, he wrote, “Sometimes people are better off as just friends,” according to Country Living.

News of the Pregnancy

Days after announcing their breakup, People reported that Brown and Adams were pregnant with their first child.

On Instagram, Brown wrote, “Raiven and I are excited to share we’re expecting a baby this spring! Even though we’re no longer together, we’re still friends and dedicated to raising a healthy and happy child.”

He added, “Raiven will be an amazing mom and I will work my hardest to be the best dad I can be! Family is everything to me, and we appreciate everyone’s support as we figure out our new normal.”

The outlet added Adams as saying, “We’re still in an early stage but we’ve talked a lot about how to make this work and prioritize the baby. We know the strength of our friendship and support of our families will allow us to raise a happy child.”

Adams Filed a Restraining Order Against Brown in February

In February, the excitement was replaced with contention when Adams filed a restraining order against Brown. According to The Blast, Adams accused Brown of “engaging in a pattern of verbal abuse that allegedly including intimidating her with his gun.”

Adams also said that Brown had been abusing drugs and threatened her if she went forward with insider info, The Blast reported. Three days after dropping the restraining over, Adams gave birth.

Since then, things have taken a turn for the worse. According to a July article in The Sun, Adams has promised to keep the couple’s son away from Brown.

The Sun states that since giving birth to River Anthony on March 9, Adams has been “raising him on her own, as Bear was not present for the birth.”

On Instagram, Brown claimed that he did not know about River’s birth until two days after he was born.

In late March, Brown filed a petition to establish himself as River’s father, and attempted to discredit rumors that he was attempting to disestablish himself as River’s dad. People reported him as writing on Instagram, “Hello everyone! There is something I would like to say! 1. It was two days after River was born before anyone told me! 2. I am not trying to un-establish myself as River’s dad, I am trying to establish myself AS his dad, so that I will have equal rights as a parent!”

He continued, “When my petition was filed there was a mistake in the order, it was supposed to say I’m trying to establish myself as Rivers dad! NOT un-establish! Please check the court records and you will find the mistake has been rectified. I will always consider myself Rivers dad! Thank you everybody for sticking with me! Stay healthy and God bless!”

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