Erica Wall Update on My 600-lb Life: Where is She Today?

Erica Wall, My 600-lb Life

Facebook Erica Wall was nearly 700 pounds when she first appeared on TLC's hit reality series "My 600-lb Life." So where is the reality star today?

Erica Wall weighed 661 pounds whens she first appeared on Season 5 of My 600-lb LifeThe reality star traveled to Houston to seek out the help of celebrity bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan with the hope losing enough weight to get a desperately needed, life-saving operation.

TLC is airing a re-run of Erica’s episode at 8 p.m. ET tonight, so fans might be wondering where she is today and what she’s been up to since her episode aired. The description of the episode, titled “Erica’s Story,” reads, “At almost 700 pounds, Erica is desperate to undergo gastric bypass surgery.”

The network will also be airing Erica’s followup episode after her Season 5 rerun, so fans will get a double dose of Erica on August 5. Here’s what we know about the reality star, her experience with Dr. Now, and where she is today. (Warning: some spoilers on Erica’s story ahead! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you before the episode airs!):

Erica Was Able to Lose 190 Pounds by the End of Her First Episode

When viewers first met Erica in 2016, the reality star was nearly 700 pounds and worried about losing her life due to complications with her weight. Erica had been steadily gaining weight since she was a child, and after years of relentless bullying from her own father and fellow classmates, she continued to turn to food as an emotional crutch. After realizing she was on her way to an early grave, the reality star decided to seek out Dr. Now in order to shed some weight and regain control of her life.

Unfortunately, Erica was already dealing with the trauma of a previous weight loss procedure, having undergone a failed stomach stapling operation years before she began working with Dr. Now. Erica dealt with several setbacks throughout her year-long journey in Houston, and although she struggled to cope with Dr. Now’s strict diet in the beginning, she worked hard to shed enough weight and was eventually approved for the gastric bypass surgery.

By the end of her first episode, Erica was down 190 pounds and she was able to undergo the operation, although Dr. Now had to stop several times during surgery to remove her old staples and reverse the damage that had been done from her initial stapling. Sadly, Erica had another serious setback in her weight loss journey during her followup episode after her boyfriend Jimmy ended their relationship over the amount of “clutter” Erica kept in her home. Although she struggled to get back on track after the breakup, Erica never gave up, and by the end of her Where Are They Now? episode, she had lost another 100 pounds.

Erica Kept the Weight Off & Appears to be Back Together With Jimmy

These days, it looks like Erica is still focusing on her health and fitness, based on numerous photos from her Facebook profile. Although she hasn’t given many updates on her weight loss journey in recent weeks, the reality star shares plenty of pictures on Facebook which prove that she’s been able to keep the weight off.

“Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes via text message and on Facebook! It all means so much to me!” she captioned the photo above.

Her page is filled with memes, inspirational quotes, plenty of selfies and photos of her family and dog. Erica and Jimmy appear to be back together as well; her profile is flooded with pictures of the two together, including her cover photo, which features Erica leaning in for a kiss from Jimmy.

My 600 Lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. You can find more coverage and updates on the cast and subjects here.

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