Bobby Shmurda Denied Parole: How Long Will the Rapper Remain in Prison?

Getty Rapper Bobby Shmurda was denied parole and will serve his max sentence in prison.

After six years in prison, the long-awaited parole hearing for Bobby Shmurda, whose real name in Ackquille Jean Pollard, did not go as the rapper’s fans wanted. After the 26-year-old’s interview with the Board of Parole last week, it was decided that Bobby would remain in prison to serve his maximum sentence, as first reported by TMZ.

For the fans who’ve been counting down the days until his release, it appears Bobby won’t be free until December 11, 2021. He will continue serving his sentence in Clinton Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison for men located in northern New York state.

“Following his Sept. 15, 2020, interview with the Board of Parole, Ackquille Pollard was denied release and given a hold until the maximum expiration of his sentence on December 11, 2021,” a spokesperson from the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision told Complex.

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Bobby’s parole hearing was initially scheduled for August 18 before it was delayed a month. According to the New York State parole handbook, after a parole hearing interview, it takes a few days for an inmate to receive the decision. If someone is granted release, they will then receive an “open date” or a specific release date to prepare for, which includes providing an approved residence and an employment program.

However, in Bobby’s case, he was not granted release, which was undoubtedly a huge letdown for the “Hot N****” rapper.

While in Jail, Bobby Has Racked Up Over 10 Violations for Various Offenses

The rapper and his fellow GS9 affiliates were arrested in December 2014. In 2016, Bobby pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and one count of criminal possession of a weapon in a plea deal that would see him serve seven years and five years probation. In exchange, prosecutors dropped other charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, as reported by TMZ.

While in prison, it doesn’t seem Bobby was aiming to get time off for good behavior. He racked up over 10 violations for infractions such as having a weapon, fighting, drug possession, and more, according to Complex. All of these violations could’ve played a major factor in the Board delaying his release as it doesn’t seem Bobby really made the effort to fully rehabilitate while behind bars.

Bobby’s Mother Leslie Pollard Was ‘Very Confident’ That Her Son Would Be Granted Parole

Earlier this year, Leslie Pollard, Bobby’s mother, said that she was “very confident’ her son would be granted parole. After the hearing was originally scheduled for August 18, she told The Shade Room, “We [are] very confident that things will go well and as always we know God will see us through. He always does.”

As for the rumors swirling that the Brookly rapper was preparing to release new music with Epic Records, Pollard remained coy.

“The who’s I am not at liberty speak on, but what I can say is that there will be a very strong come back and the people won’t be disappointed. There are so many surprises in store,” Pollard said.

The rapper’s mother also told TMZ in July that Bobby also wanted to start working on a documentary about his life once he was released from jail, a project which will now have to be delayed.

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