• Laura Hogue, Greg McMichael’s Attorney: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Laura Hogue is the defense attorney for Greg McMichael, who stirred controversy in her closing arguments at trial saying Ahmaud Arbery had "long, dirty toenails."

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    Somen "Steve" Banerjee died in jail after he pleaded guilty to charges involving the murder of former Chippendales Choreographer Nick de Noia. He had also been charged with plotting the murder of former dancer Read Scot and others. Authorities said at the time that Banerjee died by suicide before he was sentenced to prison.

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  • Eric Naposki Now: Where Is He Today in 2021?

    Eric Naposki is in a California prison today serving a life sentence in the murder of Bill McLaughlin, according to his prison records. The former NFL player is 54 years old today. Nanette Packard was also convicted in McLaughlin's death.

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    Colleen Stan survived seven years of torture and confinement, kept in a "headbox" under a bed in California after she was abducted by Cameron Hooker and his wife, Janice.

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    Cary Stayner, also known as The Yosemite Killer, was convicted nearly 20 years ago in the deaths of four people in 1999 while he was working as a hotel handyman in California. Stayner's case was granted additional attention because of his brother, Steven Stayner, who had been kidnapped and was missing for seven years.

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    Mark Hofmann was the mastermind behind deadly bombings that served as the focal point of the new Netflix docuseries, "Murder Among the Mormons." Hofmann is serving a life sentence in prison in Utah.