Fans Are ‘Scared’ of Darcey Silva’s New Look

Darcey Silva

TLC "90 Day Fiance" alum Darcey Silva doesn't look like this anymore.

Darcey Silva a star of “90 Day Fiance” is being blasted by fans for a recent Instagram video.

On August 6, Silva shared a reel on Instagram featuring her plump lips and a skin smoothing filter.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Blasted ‘Narcissistic Sisters’ for Continuing With Plastic Surgery & ‘Still Need to Use a Filter’


The fans did not react well to the video.

“What actually is wrong with this woman,” someone asked.

“Omg your lips,” a fan wrote.

“Apparently her and her sister had a show years and years ago and they had dark hair,” someone said. “They were unrecognizable. And I struggled to see who was who. And they were beautiful just like that. Regular Mommas. They suffer from Body dysmorphic disorder. I love them im a twin too. But why?”

“I’m scared,” someone commented.

“Surgery sick. And she takes her sister along for this terrible ride,” a fan said. “Sad she has 2 daughters that see their mom this way, thinking this is how beautiful is “made.”

“What have you done to yourself??!” someone asked.

“it’s sad when ur truly beautiful but go n f**k urself up like this,” another fan wrote.

“Why is it always about feeling sexy? Do you ever NOT feel like a blowup doll?” a fan asked.

“To spend all that money on cosmetic surgery and still need to use a filter,” someone pointed out.

“Do you guys ever post anything else besides yourselves. 2 of the most narcissistic sisters out there. SMH,” another fan wrote.

“People need to stop lying and saying this is beautiful!!! Her daughters must feel embarrassed! That’s not self love or sexy Darce!” someone said.

“Girl… your lips are about to explode!!! Enough already, it’s not a cute look,” another fan said.

“Who in their sane mind actually finds this attractive ?” a commenter asked.

“OMG, did you fall on your lips or something,” a fan asked.

Fans Went After Darcey for Creating an OnlyFans Account: ‘I’d Rather Gouge My Eyes out With a Dirty Fork’

In April 2022, Silva confirmed she has an OnlyFans account and asked her friends to subscribe to the adult-oriented website.

At the time, fans took to Reddit to discuss the report.

“She ain’t getting naked. I hope Darcey isn’t desperate enough to do hardcore shit like everyone else lol!” someone wrote.

“Her OF might be real, but that picture isn’t,” a fan said.

“Can’t wait til this gets leaked. I’ve seen Colt, Karine, Paul, Stephanie & probably a bunch of others I’m forgetting that were horrific beyond comprehension. Might as well add the twins to the list. Frankly, I’m shocked they’ve held out this long,” someone else wrote. 

“Tagging your business in your OF post. Family liking your OF announcement. Classy… I mean snatched,” another fan said. 

“I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a dirty fork than be subjected to the horrifying alcohol and benzo fueled nightmare that I’m quite sure comprises the bulk of her content,” someone wrote. “My heart goes out to her daughters. This has to be mortifying for the both of them.”

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