4 ‘American Idol’ Contestants Announce Tour

Clockwise from top left: Allegra Miles, Jonny West, Fritz Hager, and Francisco Martin

American Idol / YouTube Clockwise from top left: Allegra Miles, Jonny West, Fritz Hager, and Francisco Martin

A lot of “American Idol” alumni have been very busy lately, whether they are releasing new music, performing on television, or being nominated for awards.

The latest musical endeavor to be announced: a tour featuring four fan-favorite “American Idol” contestants.

Season 18’s Francisco Martin and Jonny West are hitting the road with season 20’s Fritz Hager and Allegra Miles this Fall for the “Don’t Blink” tour, which begins November 16 in Houston, Texas. The tour will last one month, sending the four musicians to 13 cities all across the country before ending in San Francisco.

Other ‘American Idol’ Alum Can’t Wait For ‘Don’t Blink’ Tour

Fans and friends of the “Don’t Blink” tour headliners are thrilled at their announcement, and can’t wait to get tickets to the tour, which are on sale now.

Season 19’s Graham Defranco wrote on Fritz Hager’s announcement post, “See you in San Antonio King👑”, and Jillian Jensen from season 13 (and season 2 of “X Factor”) wrote on Allegra Mile’s post, “NASHVILLE ON A MONDAY YESSS IM THERE”.

Unfortunately, not everybody from the “Idol” family will be able to attend. Julia Gargano wrote that she will be in “LA for the NY show and in NY for the LA show 🥲💔”, so she will not be able to attend and cheer on her Season 18 castmates Jonny West and Francisco Martin.

Fans who are out of town like Gargano are trying anything to make it to one of the “Don’t Blink” tour shows, no matter how long the trip may be. One fan wrote, “Dream Lineup. Just snagged tix for Philly. 5 hour drive but can’t miss this one.”

While some fans may be upset that the tour isn’t going to a city near them and don’t have the capacity to travel quite as far as a five-hour drive, there is still some hope. Jonny West’s announcement post hints that additional dates and cities may still be added, and the four will announce any that are.

What New Music Do Fritz Hager, Allegra Miles, Francisco Martin, & Jonny West Have?

All four artists on the “Don’t Blink” tour have been working on and releasing new music, so they should have a sizeable catalog of hits to perform on tour, in addition to whatever unreleased music they are working on.

Fritz Hager released a self-titled EP, after successfully funding the project via Kickstarter prior to his “Idol” season’s release. After his season aired, he released a single, “Hearts Align”, and is currently asking fans to pre-save his next single, “Caroline”, as he is not able to release the single until it has 15,000 pre-saves. The singer has even offered to get a tattoo of fans’ choosing if he reaches this goal.

Allegra Miles has released six singles since 2019 and has more planned. The artist is currently waiting to release her next single, “Girl”. The singer also just finished touring the Southeastern US opening for BabyJake’s “Nothing Like a Lady Dressed in Red” Fall tour, which wrapped in October.

Francisco Martin released his newest EP, the six-track “Manic”, in August 2022. According to Martin, the EP contains “personal reflections on mental health, relationships, angst, and human disconnection in the age of connection.”

Jonny West also has a new 2022 release, the October 21 EP “Motel California”, which has seven songs. West also made a short film for the EP, which sets the singer entirely in one motel room.

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