Katy Perry Breaks Down During Show as Daughter Makes First Public Appearance

Katy Perry

Heavy/ABC Katy Perry on "American Idol"

Celebrities including Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Celine Dion attended the final show of “Play,” Katy Perry‘s long-running Las Vegas residency, according to People. But the guest who received the biggest cheers on November 4, 2023, was Perry’s daughter Daisy Dove. The “American Idol” judge’s three-year-old with fiancé Orlando Bloom made her first public appearance at the concert.

Having her daughter at the show was emotional for Perry, who referenced her multiple times and even broke down in tears while singing Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All,” uttering her daughter’s name during the chorus. Footage of the sweet moments, including Perry’s tribute to her family, was shared on social media by multiple concert attendees.

Here’s what you need to know:

Katy Perry’s Daughter Daisy Dove Danced With Dad Orlando Bloom Throughout Concert

Before Perry sang her 2008 hit “Hot n Cold,” she called out to her daughter in the crowd at Resorts World Las Vegas.

“Daisy! I love you so much,” Perry said, seen in footage shared online by concert attendees. “You’re my best friend. I’m so glad you’re here!”

Wearing a red Minnie Mouse dress and pink headphones, Daisy appeared on the screen of the venue, smiling and waving at her mom as the audience cheered.

“I’m gonna sing this next song,” she continued, talking directly to Daisy. “I think you know it, okay?”

In a longer video of the exchange tweeted out by a fan, Perry added with a laugh, “It was in 2008 and Mommy was a little wild back then.”

Daisy spent the evening dancing with her dad and sitting on his shoulders, as seen on additional videos shared by fans. In one video, Bloom playfully bounced Daisy on his shoulders as he made his way up the aisles while Perry sang “I Kissed a Girl.” In another fan video, he could be seen holding their daughter and dancing at their seats.

Katy Perry Breaks Down During Song & Makes Emotional Tribute to Her Daughter

At one point in the concert, Perry thanked the partners and crew behind the show, her loyal fans, and friends in the audience. But when she turned to thank her family, she got visibly emotional, as seen in a video tweeted by another fan.

“To my family,” she said, holding back tears, “I love you guys so much, and I’m just so excited to get home and play Pickleball tomorrow. Thank you guys for supporting me and coming to Vegas more times these past two years than we’ve ever been. Our own grandma even lived here! To my partner, Orlando, for being an incredible support system, an amazing father, I love you.”

“I created this show after the birth of my daughter Daisy Dove,” Perry continued, again getting choked up. “When I met her, it was like all the love I was ever searching for finally showed up. She made me whole and she healed me and she showed me how to play again.”

“So this show is for everyone’s inner child and for the hope that maybe if we could all see life through the eyes of a child, we would be free. Because, never forget, love is and will always be the key.”

Perry then began to sing Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All,” a number she’s routinely performed in concert. But in video captured by a fan, she could be seen struggling to get through the song this time. At one point, she said her daughter’s name and then crumbled into tears as the audience sang the words for her.

With her Las Vegas residency now behind her, Perry can focus on filming the next season of “American Idol,” with auditions quietly taking place in multiple cities this fall. Many of her fans are also hoping she’ll start making plans for her first world tour since 2018.

In April, she told Out Magazine, “I still love making music. I still love spreading light and love. I know there’s a lot of people who couldn’t make it to Vegas. The last time I was on tour was in 2018. I’m… due. How about that? I’m due to go out and see the kids that couldn’t make it to Vegas.”

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