Fans Think Something Happened to This American Idol Star’s Face

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On Thursday, Ryan Seacrest was back to host ABC’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” Some fans took to social media to comment that he looked different than usual — specifically, that his face seemed “off.”

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Uh what happened to Ryan Seacrest’s face I didn’t recognize him.”

Another Twitter user asked, “What’s different about Ryan Seacrest’s face?”

While some chimed in that it could be plastic surgery, others thought his long hair made him appear different than usual. In fact, one Twitter user wrote, “Ryan Seacrest you have some sexy hair going on right there! I’ll be watching.”

So is Ryan OK?

In the words of HITC, “Ryan is fine, and nothing has happened to the television host. He seems to be enjoying the lockdown like everyone else.”

If longer hair is, in fact, what had fans commenting on his appearance, it should be noted that this isn’t the first time this year that Seacrest’s hair has been a topic of conversation. Back in September, the producer posted a workout video that had people talking.

The Instagram post, seen below, shows him lifting weights while balancing on a slant board. And Seacrest’s hair is noticeably longer — and curlier — in the video.

Fans certainly took notice. One person wrote, “You and Andy Cohen have never been more handsome than you are now with your CURLS—on your heads and with your arms.” Another, according to Prevention, wrote, “That takes strength and hardcore balance. Way to go, my friend!”

When Seacrest’s co-host, Kelly Ripa, later spoke about the Instagram video on an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, she said, “Forget the balancing, forget the board … I focus on the Clark Kent hair. Because the hair is truly the unsung hero of the video.”

Seacrest Maintains Busy Schedule Despite Pandemic

GettyRyan Seacrest in 2019.

While many lives have slowed down over the past year amid the coronavirus pandemic, Seacrest has been busier than ever. His weekly schedule has involved hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan in the mornings, then making his way to his syndicated radio show, and taping American Idol on the weekends.

He shared with the Associated Press, “There were also a lot of requests to do extra specials and things for our partners (such as hosting the successful “Disney Family Sing-Along” programs) because everyone was going through a tough time. We leaned into doing as much as we could.”

He has also been dedicating time to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which his parents and sister run. To date, they have opened 11 broadcast studios in children’s hospitals throughout the country to “give the kids a positive distraction.”

Seacrest told AP, “I’ve heard from parents that have seen their children in a hospital bed without motivation to get up. They were sad and didn’t want to go do anything. And then, you know, when we could bring Selena Gomez through a studio, that patient all of a sudden wants to get up and go downstairs and spend time with Selena Gomez and forget about the maybe the pain they’re mentally feeling and physically feeling.”

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