‘American Idol’ Fans Stunned by Top 10 Results

American Idol top 10 reveal

Heavy/ABC Emmy Russell advances to the "American Idol" top 10 as fellow contestants Jayna Elise, Roman Collins, Triston Harper and Julia Gagnon wait for their results.

As soon as “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest revealed the final contestant to advance to season 22’s Top 10, viewers flooded social media with disbelief and anger over the show’s results on April 22, 2024.

After two hours of live voting and over 20 million votes tabulated, according to Seacrest, R&B singers Jayna Elise and Roman Collins were eliminated from the competition despite glowing reviews from judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

Many fans were stunned by the results, chastising fellow voters for not rewarding Collins and Elise’s musicianship over contestants who’ve struggled more with confidence and pitch issues. Another frequent complaint on social media was the racial makeup of the Top 10 since Collins and Elise were the last two Black contestants in the competition.

At the time of publication, Elise had posted a lengthy note to fans about her time on “Idol,” while Collins has shared several posts from others lamenting his elimination.

Fans Suggest Changes in Voting Structure on ‘American Idol’ in Response to Latest Cuts

"American Idol" season 22 top 10

ABC“American Idol” season 22 top 10 and judges. Top row: Will Moseley, judge Luke Bryan, Triston Harper, Jack Blocker. Bottom Row: Emmy Russell, judge Lionel Richie, Kaibrienne Richins, McKenna Faith Breinholt, Julia Gagnon, judge Katy Perry, Mia Matthews and Abi Carter.

The contestants who made it into the top 10, in the order they were announced by Seacrest, were Abi Carter, McKenna Faith Breinholt, Will Moseley, KAYKO, Kaibrienne Richins, Mia Matthews, Jack Blocker, Emmy Russell, Triston Harper and Julia Gagnon.

Each contestant had a mentorship session with pop star Meghan Trainor and had to choose a No. 1 Billboard hit to perform. The judges found many of their performances to be flatter than the previous night, which made fans all the more frustrated when those who struggled were still voted through.

Many fans pointed out, for instance, that Russell forgot some of the words to her song but got a pass from the judges and voters.

On the “American Idol” Instagram feed, one person wrote, “Listen, I think Emmy is sweet BUT HER OVER JAYNA?! She FORGOT THE LYRICS. 😡 It really shows the demographic of who’s voting. 🙄🙄”

Others suggested that the voting system doesn’t work well, including one who commented, “Emmy over Jayna?!?! I think there needs to be an added component where judges get to select one contestant.”

As Seacrest ticked through the names of the contestants who made it through to the Top 10, comments on social media quickly turned from hopeful to upset as the last four contestants were revealed, including one who tweeted that “American continues to get it wrong.”

Many took issue with the fact that the final four were the only minorities remaining in the competition. The two who eventually placed in the Top 10 were indigenous contestant Triston Harper, who’s a member of the MOWA Band of Choctaw Indians, per Native News Online, and Julia Gagnon, who was born in Guatemala and adopted by her American family, according to the Bangor Daily News. Some fans called out the show and voters for sending home every Black contestant in recent weeks, including Elise and Collins.

“American idol is either rigged or racist this is nuts,” one viewer tweeted. “All the beautiful diverse people were last! No way! These 2 are going home.”

“We need to remove the live voting on #AmericanIdol bc y’all don’t know how to vote,” another tweeted. “Middle Americans keeps the same boring white people every single season”

Jayna Elise & Roman Collins React Online to Eliminations

Jayna Elise, Roman Collins

Heavy/ABC“American Idol” season 22 Top 12 contestants Jayna Elise and Roman Collins.

Both contestants gave an indication on social media of how they feel about their eliminations.

Elise, who first auditioned for “Idol” during season 21 but didn’t make it beyond Hollywood Week, said she was thrilled to have made it as far as she did on season 22, assuring fans that “this is not sad for me.”

In an Instagram post after the live show ended, she wrote, “Wow. What a journey this has been. I am truly honored and so so grateful. This experience has been a true blessing and eye-opening to me in the sense that I’ve learned so much about myself.”

“Thank you to the entire idol team, thank you to the judges— your feedback inspired me so much these last two years of my life,” she continued. “To the CREW— everyone from lighting, to sound, to production, to camera, to wardrobe, to makeup, to creative, ALL OF IT! I hope you know your hard work NEVER goes unnoticed. I truly thank you all for making this an absolutely unforgettable time😫 this is not sad for me, this is a truly sweet sweet moment. Please know my heart is so full with love. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Early the following morning, Collins had not yet posted a message to fans on social media but shared several others’ reactions and good wishes in his Instagram Stories, including one who wrote, “America is still America! @romancollinsofficial was robbed! 🤦🏾‍♂️ The best on the show hands down!”

He also shared an Instagram Story from recently eliminated contestant Mackenzie Sol, who posted a clip of Collins’ performance and wrote, “America…sending this man home. I’m sorry y’all need to be educated 😭”

Collins replied, “Brother! I love you man thank you for everything” with a saluting emoji.

Though so many fans were sad to see Collins and Elise go, some used social media to encourage them to keep going and promised to keep supporting their careers after “Idol.”

One person tweeted, “Profoundly disappointed that @TheJaynaElise #RomanCollins were eliminated from @AmericanIdol tonight. It’s okay though y’all! Jennifer Hudson didn’t win and has EGOT status- Adam Lambert didn’t win and is the front man for QUEEN. Y’all gonna be just fine”

A few weeks into season 22, Collins released his debut album, called “Same Gospel, New Sound.” Elise, meanwhile, has already released three singles in 2024.