‘Big Brother’ 2021: Final HOH 2nd Round Results

Big Brother 23 final 3

CBS Xavier, Derek F., and Azah celebrate making it to the final three with bubbly.

Only three houseguests remain in the running for the $750,000 prize that will be awarded to the winner of “Big Brother 23.”

At this stage in the game, competitions are everything. The final Head of Household competition is played in three rounds. The final three all compete in the first round. Whoever wins automatically advances to the final. The other two houseguests face off in the second round.

The winners of the first and second rounds then face off in the final competition of the season. Whoever wins gets to pick who will advance to the final two with them. The houseguest who is not selected becomes the final member of the jury.

The results of the first two rounds are in. Which two houseguests will advance to the final competition of the summer? Read on to find out, but beware of spoilers. 


The Final HoH Round 1 Results

Not surprisingly, Xavier won the first round of the final Head of Household. He’s proven himself to be a comp beast over the course of “Big Brother 23” with two HOHs and three veto wins on his resume. The jury members are also aware that he has strategically thrown competitions at times.

This means that Xavier will advance to the final competition of the summer. He’s pretty confident in his ability to beat Azah and Derek F. at just about anything. If he does win, he plans to take Derek F. to the final two. He’s certain to win if he ends up in the final two.

The Final HoH Round 2 Results

Azah won the second round of the final Head of Household competition. This means she and Xavier will compete for the power to choose who they’ll bring to the final two. Xavier has a good chance of beating Azah, but anything could happen. After all, she did beat him in the double eviction Head of Household competition.

As it stands now, Xavier’s plan is to take Derek F. to the final two. Azah is also likely to take Derek F. to the final two should she win. However, Big D is already feeling defeated. He feels like his fate is sealed since he didn’t win either of the final competitions and now he just has to wait around until finale night.

Derek F. Thinks He Carried Azah

Before Big D cast the sole vote to evict Kyland, he and Azah began fighting after being close friends all season. The tension began when Big D told Azah he felt like he’d carried her to this point in the game. She was understandably offended, especially because she has an HOH win whereas Big D has no competition wins on his resume.

Despite clearly not respecting Azah’s game, Derek F. told Azah he thinks he has a better chance of beating Xavier in the final two than he does beating her.

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