‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 11 Recap

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CBS Head of Household Christian will reveal his nominations in tonight's episode of "Big Brother."

Tonight on”Big Brother“, it’s time for another nomination ceremony. Head of Household Christian will reveal who he’s chosen to put on the block. Plus, it’s time for what might be the final Wildcard competition of the season. Who will win? And will they use the victory to secure safety for themselves this week?

Christian is part of The Royal Flush, which includes the Kings, the Queens, and Derek X. from the Aces. What Christian doesn’t know is that three of his alliance members (Tiffany, Kyland, and Xavier) are also part of another alliance, The Cookout. What will happen if The Royal Flush can’t agree on a target this week?

Will Christian go with the safe option and target Whitney, keeping The Cookout happy? Or will Alyssa, Christian, and Sarah Beth insist on targeting Hannah, potentially creating a rift in The Royal Flush?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode

8:03 PM EST: Xavier is hopeful his team will decide to target Whitney rather than Hannah this week. He’s happy to be safe for the week but he doesn’t want his fellow Cookout member to be a target.

8:05 PM EST: The Kings jump for joy celebrating their safety in the storage room. If Christian hadn’t won HOH, one or two of them would’ve been on the block for sure.

8:06 PM EST: Derek F. is disappointed that he didn’t win HOH. Azah reassures him that she doesn’t think the Kings will target them. But in the Diary Room, Azah expresses that she’s nervous about Christian being HOH.

8:07 PM EST: Derek X. feels relatively safe this week as a member of The Royal Flush, but he’s nervous for his teammates, Whitney and Hannah.

8:08 PM EST: Hannah says she feels pretty safe this week but is concerned she could be a pawn.

8:09 PM EST: Whitney acknowledges that this is the first week in the house where there isn’t a clear target. It makes her nervous that she doesn’t know who Christian will target.

8:11 PM EST: Alyssa knows that as long as there are four Kings in the house, they’re the obvious target moving forward. She thinks they should leave Whitney in the house as a target who could potentially shield them from the block and take out Hannah who isn’t on anyone’s radar.

8:12 PM EST: Things are getting tricky on the Kings team. Sarah Beth and Alyssa think everyone is underestimating Hannah’s intelligence and want to take her out. Xavier is trying to subtly shift their focus back to Whitney.

8:16 PM EST: Derek F. throws shade at Whitney’s clothing choices. She tries to rally support from the women in the house and asks if they would wear her buckled sports bra out in public. Sarah Beth and Alyssa both say no.

8:19 PM EST: Derek X. opens up to other houseguests about the cultural differences between him and his parents. His parents immigrated from China and he says their values are very different, making it hard for them to be super close. Part of why he wanted to come on “Big Brother” was to smash stereotypes of Asian Americans.

8:20 PM EST: It’s time for the Wildcard Competition! Claire from the Queens, Whitney from the Aces, and Azah from the Jokers will be playing this week.

8:26 PM EST: All three women are playing to win tonight. Welcome to Club BB! Tonight’s competition is called “Olive Shook Up.” Players must roll an olive-shaped ball down a giant martini glass with a curvy stem into a toothpick-shaped slot. The catch? The lights are going off at random times.

8:28 PM EST: Azah’s strategy is “slow and steady”…but…she’s barely moving.

8:30 PM EST: So close, Claire!!

8:32 PM EST: Claire wins!

8:34 PM EST: Claire has a decision to make. She can either guarantee safety for all the Queens this week, or she can ensure her own safety until Jury. The Queens are almost definitely all safe this week since they’re in Christian’s alliance, so she’d be smart to take the safety until jury. Tiffany and Kyland will understand!

8:38 PM EST: Claire takes safety for herself until jury!

8:40 PM EST: The Queens jump for joy in the storage room. Tiffany and Kyland celebrate with Claire and support her decision.

8:42 PM EST: Royal Flush meeting. Sarah Beth says she thinks that Hannah should be the target, not Whitney. She says the alliance should target whoever isn’t working with them that is the biggest threat. That would be Hannah, not Whitney.

8:44 PM EST: Xavier and Tiffany, members of The Cookout, try to distract Sarah Beth from Hannah. Tiffany says Britini is a threat, seeing as both Xavier and Kyland put her on the block. Sarah Beth admits that it’s a red flag seeing her alliance fight for Hannah, since some of them are close with Hannah and she isn’t.

8:50 PM EST: Christian has a meeting with the Jokers and asks them who they would’ve targeted this week if they were in power. Britini and Derek F. throw Whitney’s name out there.

8:52 PM EST: Alyssa and Christian realize that keeping Whitney in could be beneficial since the Jokers want her out. Next week, the Kings are an obvious target. If they leave Whitney in, they could be safe for another week.

8:53 PM EST: Christian has a one-on-one with Hannah and implies that he might need to put her up on the block next to Whitney as a pawn.

8:55 PM EST: Hannah manages to instill doubt in Christian about the idea of putting her up.

8:58 PM EST: It’s time for the nomination ceremony!

8:59 PM EST: Whitney and Hannah are nominated. Christian still doesn’t know who his ultimate target is. But Hannah is upset that she was nominated and is gunning for the veto. Whitney is surprised that she’s at the top of Christian’s list because she doesn’t know about The Royal Flush.

9:00 PM EST: Will The Cookout be able to convince the Kings that Whitney is the bigger threat? Or will fighting for Hannah expose them?

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on August 4 at 8 PM EST.

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