‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 20 Recap

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CBS Tonight on "Big Brother," who will Head of Household Sarah Beth nominate for eviction?

On Thursday night’s episode of “Big Brother“, Sarah Beth became the new Head of Household. She’s not a member of The Cookout, but she is very close with Kyland who may influence her nominations.

Will Sarah Beth’s nominations shake up the house’s power dynamics? Or will she unknowingly do The Cookout’s dirty work this week? We’ll also learn the results of Thursday night’s vote before the hour is up.

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:04 PM EST: Oop there it is, a slowmo of Kyland and Big D kissing.

8:04 PM EST: Big D and Hannah are not happy about Sarah Beth winning HOH.

8:05 PM EST: Kyland and Sarah Beth celebrate in the storage room. Kyland will do what it takes to keep Sarah Beth off The Cookout’s trail this week. He’s already thrown out Claire and Derek X.’s names for potential targets this week.

8:06 PM EST: Tiffany and Azah chat. They’re not happy that Sarah Beth is in power. Azah says this all could’ve been avoided if Kyland had just thrown her the HOH competition. Tiffany thinks she could be going on the block this week.

8:08 PM EST: Kyland assures Xavier and Big D that The Cookout is not in danger this week. It won’t be two of them on the block on eviction night.

8:09 PM EST: Derek X. says he feels “lukewarm” about Sarah Beth being HOH. He did put her on the block when he was HOH.

8:10 PM EST: Big D and Tiffany chat. There’s still some bad blood after Big D didn’t let Britini talk to Tiffany alone when Derek X. was HOH. It’s time for them to hash it out in the storage room!

8:12 PM EST: Tiffany tells Big D she felt ambushed when he and Azah followed Britini to the HOH room. Big D continues to defend his actions, which Tiffanyhas a problem with.

8:13 PM EST: “I don’t owe Derek F. anything especially if he doesn’t have any respect for me in this house.” – Tiffany

8:14 PM EST: “I refuse to let Tiffany and her antics ruin The Cookout” – Big D. Oooooh!

8:18 PM EST: Kyland says his top priority for this week is for the Chopping Block Roulette power to be used. Sarah Beth also wants the power used while she’s still HOH.

8:19 PM EST: Alyssa says that other than Xavier, she has no one she can trust. She tells Sarah Beth she’ll play Chopping Block Roulette if she gets enough money. She’d like to win to protect herself.

8:20 PM EST: Derek X. tells Sarah Beth he’s willing to play Chopping Block Roulette but would prefer to save his money for Coin of Destiny instead.

8:21 PM EST: Big D is pretending to have 0 BB bucks left when really he has 50 left.

8:24 PM EST: Derek X. is starting to wonder who Azah is aligned with because it seems like she’s aligned with no one. But he knows she must be working with someone if she’s made it this far.

8:26 PM EST: Derek X. has basically figured out The Cookout. He and Claire discuss the fact that Tiffany and Xavier must be working together and might be working with Azah, Big D, Kyland, and Hannah as well.

8:27 PM EST: Azah is worried that Sarah Beth might put her on the block next to another Cookout member. She jokes to Big D that “Kyland and Sarah Beast” are coming after them.

8:28 PM EST: Sarah Beth tells Kyland that she’s most worried about Derek X., Alyssa, and Xavier. Kyland tries to subtly move the target away from Xavier.

8:29 PM EST: Sarah Beth is going to select two pawns as her nominees. She knows that the Chopping Block Roulette could mess with her nominations. She might not be able to really select a target until after the veto is played.

8:35 PM EST: It’s time for the nomination ceremony!

8:36 PM EST: Sarah Beth has nominated Big D and Claire. She uses the Chopping Block Roulette power being in play to justify the nominations. She’s considering making Derek X. her actual target.

8:38 PM EST: Hannah asks Derek X. if he thinks he’s the target. She doesn’t want to see him go but is ultimately more loyal to The Cookout.

8:40 PM EST: Derek X. is entertaining the idea of saving his BB bucks until next week. He doesn’t realize how much danger he’s in this week!

8:44 PM EST: The High Rollers Room is now open!

8:45 PM EST: Claire has won 100 BB bucks. That means she’s in the top three for votes this week! Unfortunately, she still doesn’t have enough money to play Chopping Block Roulette.

8:46 PM EST: Azah has won 50 BB bucks, giving her a total of 100 BB bucks which isn’t enough to play. Hannah and Xavier have both won 75 BB bucks again, giving them each a total of 150 BB bucks. They both save their money.

8:47 PM EST: Sarah Beth and Tiffany have both won 50 BB bucks. They don’t have enough money to play this week.

8:48 PM EST: Alyssa has won 75 BB bucks. She’s excited to learn that America likes her more than last week!

8:49 PM EST: Alyssa decides to play Chopping Block Roulette. She has two minutes to move a ball around a circular table as many times as possible. The catch? She’s standing on top of the flimsy table trying to get it to move the way she wants it to.

8:50 PM EST: Kyland has won 50 BB bucks. He doesn’t have enough money to play. Big D has won 100 BB bucks again and decides to save his money.

8:51 PM EST: The Cookout’s worst-case scenario for this week would be Derek X. winning Chopping Block Roulette and taking Claire off the block. That would leave very few options for replacement nominees, putting The Cookout at serious risk. Kyland advises Derek X. not to play Chopping Block Roulette.

8:52 PM EST: Derek X. wins 100 BB bucks again. The top three houseguests this week are Derek X., Big D, and Alyssa.

8:55 PM EST: Derek X. decides to save his money for Coin of Destiny. Big risk, big reward? Or is he in serious danger of going home this week?

8:56 PM EST: Alyssa has won Chopping Block Roulette. She decides to take Big D off the block. Her reasoning? She views him as the ultimate pawn and thinks that anyone who sits next to him will go home. She wants to give the randomly selected replacement nominee a fighting chance of staying this week.

8:58 PM EST: The replacement nominee is Xavier. This is Alyssa’s worst-case scenario. Xavier is her closest friend in the house.

8:59 PM EST: Xavier is going to try for the veto this week but he still feels safe either way with The Cookout behind him.

9:00 PM EST: Sarah Beth is still planning to backdoor Derek X. if she can. She looks at the camera and says, “Sorry, America. I’m sending your boy home.”

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, August 25 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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