‘Big Brother 23’ Week 7 Power of Veto Competition Results

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CBS This week on 'Big Brother:' how did the veto competition affect Sarah Beth's nominations?

This week’s Head of Household, Sarah Beth, had to keep the High Rollers Room in mind when selecting her nominees.

She knew that someone could win the Chopping Block Roulette game and use the power to take someone off the block without the Power of Veto. A replacement nominee would then be selected randomly, which could mess with her HOH plans.

Sarah Beth decided to nominate Claire and Derek F. (Big D), the same houseguests nominated last week by Kyland. So who played in the POV competition, who won, and will the Power of Veto be used this week? Read on to find out.


The High Rollers Room Results

Before the veto competition was played, the houseguests had the opportunity to play Chopping Block Roulette in the High Rollers Room. Alyssa won and used the power to take Big D off the block.

The replacement nominee was selected by the random spin of a roulette wheel. Xavier was selected as the random replacement nominee, putting him on the block next to Claire.

The Power of Veto Competition

As usual, the Head of Household (Sarah Beth), and the two nominees (Claire and Xavier) competed for the Power of Veto. The three other houseguests selected to play were Alyssa, Azah, and Big D.

Xavier won the Power of Veto competition. Even though he knew he’d be safe next to Claire because of The Cookout, him coming off the block this week is part of a larger plan.

Who Will Be Evicted On Thursday?

The plan right now is to backdoor Derek X. this week. Xavier will take himself off the block and Sarah Beth will select Derek X. as the replacement nominee. He’s proven himself to be a comp beast who is close to catching onto The Cookout. He’s also accumulated a large stash of BB bucks.

However, Derek X.’s fate is not yet sealed. Two members of The Cookout, Hannah and Tiffany have expressed an interest in keeping Baby D over Claire. There’s still time for Derek X. to campaign for votes.

Whether he goes home this week or not, Derek X. has a good chance of winning America’s Favorite Houseguest, which comes with a $25,000 prize. It’s clear that he’s dear to America’s hearts based on the amount of BB bucks he’s earned.

What’s Next for the High Rollers Room Twist?

America will vote for their favorite houseguests to earn BB bucks for the last time this week. After the voting, some houseguests will have enough cash to play the Coin of Destiny game.

If someone wins the Coin of Destiny game, they’ll have the opportunity to call a coin toss. A simple choice: heads or tails. If a houseguest calls the coin toss, correctly, they’ll be the next HOH.

The High Rollers Room twist could’ve been a great way for the underdogs (aka the non-Cookout members) to regain some power in the game. However, The Cookout has done such a great job concealing themselves that those outside it haven’t picked up on just how much danger they’re in.

Last week, Britini saved her BB bucks and ended up going home. This week, it looks like Derek X. might meet a similar fate. The Coin of Destiny game could be the last chance for a shakeup. What would an Alyssa or Claire HOH reign look like at this stage in the game?

Tune in to new episodes of “Big Brother” Sunday, August 22, and Wednesday, August 25 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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