‘Big Brother’: Alyssa Snider Reveals She Wants to Break Up With Kyle Capener

Alyssa Snider wants to dump Kyle Capener

CBS Alyssa Snider wants to dump Kyle Capener

“Big Brother 24” houseguests Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider became the first official showmance of the season and coined the couple name “Kylssa.” The couple’s relationship was strong going into the week but a sudden turn of events made Alyssa question her relationship with Kyle.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alyssa Wants to Break Up With Kyle

Earlier this week on the 24/hour live feeds, Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes clued Alyssa in about a conversation they had with Kyle in which he alluded to forming an alliance with the white players in the house.

According to Michael, Kyle had expressed concern that the people of color in the house were working together. Michael said the conversation didn’t sit right with him because there was no evidence that the people of color in the house were protecting each other in the game.

Shortly after Alyssa talked to Michael and Brittany, she started having doubts about her relationship with Kyle.

In a Twitter video posted by a “Big Brother” fan account, Alyssa told Turner she plans to break up with Kyle before Thursday’s live eviction episode.

“We did not end up breaking up,” she told Turner. “I just said I need time and I will give [him] an answer before Thursday, but I think the answer will be break up.”

Turner then asked Alyssa if she would be okay after the breakup, to which she replied, “no.”

Alyssa Says She Had a Person Back Home

In a clip posted by another “Big Brother” fan account, Alyssa told Brittany that she had a “special person” in her life before entering the house.

“I had a life before I came in here and I had a special person before I came in here,” she told Brittany. “I made the decision to just say ‘to hell with it,’ and then this became my reality very quickly.”

The “special person” Alyssa is referring to is Joe Doyle. On July 23, Joe shared a photo of him and Alyssa on Twitter after Alyssa mentioned she missed “her person” on an episode of “Big Brother.”

“Yes I WAS Alyssa’s ‘guy back home’ and 90% of what she says about me is not the truth,” he wrote. “I was going to stay out of it until she started bringing me up directly. This girl is out of her mind if she thinks she will ever get the time of day from me again lol #BB24.”

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