‘Big Brother 23’ Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother 23

CBS During this week's Power of Veto ceremony, a new power was at play.

On Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother“, Kyland won his second Head of Household competition.

With the number of remaining houseguests dwindling, Kyland was left with only a few options for who to target this week. He chose to nominate Claire because she unknowingly suggested that Kyland target members of The Cookout. Kyland knew he needed a pawn and Derek F. agreed to go on the block, knowing that The Cookout would keep him safe.

The Veto competition had higher stakes than usual this week, due to the High Rollers Room twist. Who won the veto this week? Was a second Power of Veto used for the first time? Read on for the results of the veto ceremony, but beware of spoilers.


Alyssa Won the Power of Veto

Alyssa has won her first competition of the season! It’s good news for her, as she could have been a potential replacement nominee this week if she hadn’t won.

Kyland bet on Alyssa to win the POV, which means he was awarded a second Power of veto via the High Rollers Room twist. The second veto must actually be used first, so Alyssa had the final say in the veto ceremony.

Was the Veto Used?

Although Kyland had originally planned to target Claire this week, things changed when he learned that Britini won 100 BB bucks. Britini also chose to save her money rather than play the Veto Derby game, so she’ll have a lot of money going into next week.

Britini is a wild card in the game. She’s only loyal to Derek F. and Azah and stands a good chance of winning a power next week. For this reason, Kyland decided to target Britini instead of Claire.

Kyland used his veto to take Claire off the block and put up Britini as the replacement nominee. Alyssa then used her power to keep nominations the same.

Bad News for Britini

Being on the block next to Derek F. is the worst-case scenario for Britini. Her closest ally who can vote this week is Azah, who will vote for Derek F. to stay over her. All members of The Cookout are also certain to vote against Britini.

Tensions are running high within The Cookout. Azah was already frustrated with Kyland for not throwing the HOH competition to her and will no doubt be upset that he’s backdooring Britini, one of her closest allies in the house.

This could ultimately be good for The Cookout, though. Britini has been a major source of tension between Azah and Derek F. and Kyland and Tiffany. Once Azah and Derek F. no longer have to fight to protect Britini, their relationship with other members of The Cookout could improve.

What’s Coming Next With the High Rollers Room Twist?

Next week, houseguests will be able to play more of the casino games in the High Rollers Room. Could someone win the Chopping Block Roulette game? If so, they’ll have the power to take someone off the block. The replacement nominee will then be selected by the random spin of a roulette wheel.

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, August 18 at 8 PM EST.

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