Christian Reveals His ‘Crazy’ Plan for the ‘Big Brother’ Finale

Christian Big Brother 23

CBS Christian Birkenberger revealed a grand plan to surprise Alyssa Lopez during the 'Big Brother' finale.

Christian Birkenberger became the fifth houseguest evicted on “Big Brother 23” when Derek Xiao backdoored him.

Although he was surprised that a member of his own alliance targeted him so early in the game, Christian ultimately understood Derek X.’s decision. It’s hard to get the target off your back when you’re a comp beast involved in a showmance.

Christian was the last pre-jury evictee, meaning he won’t see Alyssa until the show ends at the end of September. In his exit interview with Heavy, Christian said that although he and Alyssa aren’t official yet, he could see them being together forever. “Since I’ve left the house, I’ll be honest, she has been the only thing on my mind,” he said.

It’s hard to know if the pre-jury evictees will be present at the “Big Brother” finale this year due to COVID-19 precautions. However, Christian recently revealed a “crazy” plan to surprise Alyssa on finale night while simultaneously solidifying his comp beast status once and for all.

Christian’s Plan for Finale Night

In an Instagram Live video, Christian revealed his “crazy” plan for finale night. He’s been hitting the gym regularly since being evicted, specifically the stationary bikes.

Christian floated the idea of biking from his hometown in Connecticut all the way to Burbank, California where the “Big Brother” house is located. He expressed a desire for CBS to sponsor his trip. He calculated that he’d need to bike about 65 miles a day in order to arrive in time for the finale episode, as the journey is more than 3,000 miles.

“I figure, you guys think I’m a comp beast and I didn’t get my opportunity in the house to show my endurance…I figure this is a way to show my endurance to you guys,” Christian said in the video.

Christian’s Phone Background is Alyssa

Christian revealed via an Instagram story that his phone background is a series of photos of him and Alyssa. His lock screen is a photo of Alyssa in a bikini. He captioned a video of the two of them on his Instagram story, “Miss my girly girl.”

Christian revealed via Instagram live that he is rooting for Alyssa, Xavier, and Tiffany to be the final three. They were the most loyal to him in the house. Alyssa and Xavier were the only two who voted for him to stay and Tiffany did her best to flip the house in his favor.

Will Christian and Alyssa Stay Together Outside the House?

Will Alyssa and Christian join the ranks of “Big Brother” couples who have stayed together outside of the house? It’s hard to know. While Christian currently lives in Connecticut, Alyssa is based in Sarasota, Florida.

On the live feeds, Christian and Alyssa discussed what would happen for them after the show. Alyssa knew Christian would most likely be leaving once Derek X. named him as a replacement nominee. Christian joked that he might ask Alyssa to be his girlfriend before leaving the house.

“I just would rather wait after the show,” Alyssa told him. “I don’t see the point if you’re leaving.”

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, August 18 at 8 PM EST.

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