Julie Chen Teases New ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Season

Julie Chen of Big Brother

Getty Julie Chen Moonves will host the upcoming third season of "Celebrity Big Brother."

Julie Chen has hosted “Big Brother” and “Celebrity Big Brother” since the very first seasons. Now, she’s teasing some very good info about the future of the reality TV competition and what’s in store for fans this winter. Of course, “Big Brother” 23’s season recently ended (Congratulations to BB23 winner Xavier Prather!) and we’re already eager for news on “Big Brother” 24  but first, we’ve got this winter’s “Celebrity Big Brother” season to enjoy and obsess over.

Host Julie Chen is dropping clues and teasers about the upcoming season of “Celebrity Big Brother” over on Twitter. That leaves us all wondering just which famous (or infamous) faces may be checking into the “Big Brother” house for a season of competing for the crown. Additionally she has some news about “Big Brother” season 24.

Let’s take a look at what Julie said about the season as well as all the teasers about possible cast members.

Julie Chen Shared News About the Next Season of “Celebrity Big Brother”

Julie Chen Moonves calmed our nerves by confirming there will be a season 24 of “Big Brother,” and for that we’re grateful. She said: “Hi Big Brother fans, I know some of you are depressed because you’re like ‘this is the season finale, I don’t know what I’m going to do.’ Here’s what you’re going to do, you’re going to get ready for next summer…” She then went on to give info on casting for BB24 and added, “But first I will see you this winter for the third season of Celebrity Big Brother. See you in February!”

CBS hasn’t officially given word that “Big Brother” has been renewed, however, the fact that Julie invited hopeful houseguests to apply to be on the new season is a very good sign. An even better sign is the fact that CBS is actively advertising casting for season 24’s houseguests.

The third season of “Celebrity Big Brother,” on the other hand, is right around the corner. An exact premiere date hasn’t been given, however, Julie mentioned February 2022 as the time frame when we can expect CBB3 to premiere! It’s been three years since the last season of “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.” Past “Celebrity Big Brother” houseguests included Brandi Glanville, Omarosa, Ross Matthews, Mark McGrath, Tamar Braxton, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Keisha Knight Pulliam. Winokur and Braxton won their seasons.

During CBS’ presentation at the Television Critics Association in September, Thom Sherman, the Senior Vice President of Programming for CBS said, “’Celebrity Big Brother’ will return in February [2022] as counterprogramming to the Winter Olympics, a strategy that worked great for us back in 2018,” Parade reported. The 2022 Winter Olympics are in Beijing and take place from February 4-20. It’s safe to assume “Celebrity Big Brother” will start airing around early February.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Casting Rumors Are Heating Up

Naturally, with the announcement of a new season of “Celebrity Big Brother,” fans of the show have begun speculating about who may check into the “Big Brother” house to scheme and strategize their way to the grand prize.

Over on Twitter, the random guessing is in full force with @spoilergirl1 sharing the names she has heard mentioned in relation to the upcoming season. According to this tweet, the show’s producers really want former Senior consultant to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway to join the houseguests. Fans of “Big Brother” have made their opinion about Conway’s potential casting clear. One tweet said, “If they get Conway, I’m quitting CBS and boycotting BB.”

“Survivor” legend and “Amazing Race” alum Boston Rob’s name has also been mentioned, according to this tweet. One fan got super excited about this, writing, “Give us Rob and also the other Rob. If that happens oh my god it’s literally gonna be the best season of all time. Two mega strategists playing around a house full of people who know nothing about the game. It would be hilarious.”

Other names that @spoilergirl1 has said are being considered for “Celebrity Big Brother are, “American Idol” alum Clay Aiken, “Flavor of Love” alum Tiffany Pollard, and actor/model Jax Taylor.