‘Big Brother’s’ Jeff Schroeder Talks ‘Daily Blast Live’

Jeff Schroeder at the Sundance Film Festival

Getty Jeff Schroeder at the Sundance Film Festival

Popular “Big Brother” houseguest Jeff Schroeder recently revealed to us how he landed “Daily Blast Live,” who his dream guests are, and how he “fell on [his] face” before he found his niche. Read on to find out what he said and how it really is all because of CBS and “Big Brother.”

Schroeder Landed ‘Daily Blast Live’ Four Years Ago

In an interview with Heavy, Schroeder recounted how he went to a weekend audition for a new syndicated talk show — and suddenly, he and wife Jordan Lloyd had a month to move to Colorado.

“When I booked the job, we had maybe a month to move. It was pretty crazy how fast it all happened. So we had to adjust our whole lives,” said Schroeder, adding that it really “couldn’t happen at a better time” for them.

“It was really a blessing to get out of Los Angeles. We were in a tiny apartment and now we’re in a house in Denver, said Schroeder, adding, “I can’t complain. I’m pretty blessed.”

“Daily Blast Live” is a nationally syndicated talk show that is produced by the Tegna media company out of KUSA in Denver, Colorado. It airs on various channels and at various times in 35 states plus Washington D.C.

Check here to see if you can watch it in your area. But if not, it streams live on YouTube. Schroeder has his own segment called “The Jeff Files,” which explores urban myths and internet legends.

Schroeder Originally Wanted to Be an Actor

Did you know that years before “Big Brother,” Schroeder lived in Los Angeles trying to make it as an actor?

“[When I was 24], I moved to Los Angeles to be an actor and kind of fell on my face, which was a good learning lesson,” said Schroeder with a laugh.

He moved back to Chicago and booked some things locally, but “then ‘Big Brother happened when [he] was 31” and the rest is history.

Schroeder first booked a show called “Around the World for Free,” where he traversed the globe with nothing but a cameraman and some clothing. He called that show his “favorite” out of everything because it was “such a great learning experience.”

That led to getting to do “Big Brother” interviews for CBS and his career “just snowballed from there.”

Now he has been co-hosting “Daily Blast Live” for four seasons and he loves what he gets to do.

Schroeder’s Favorite Interview and Dream Guest

Schroeder said that one of his favorite interviews he’s ever done for “Daily Blast Live” was with actors Henry Winkler and William Shatner for their reality show “Better Late Than Never.” Part of the reason he liked it so much was because he actually screwed up and the actors could not have been nicer about it.

“I actually screwed up, but it wasn’t my fault — in the prompter, it said ‘ABC’ and behind them was a giant NBC logo. I said ‘check out their show on ABC,'” recalled Schroeder, saying both Winkler and Shatner said they remember their first time messing up on TV.

“Whenever I get to interview someone of that status, that’s been around for a really long time, I could learn a lot from them and how they handle their questions and how they handle things. So those are my favorite types of interviews,” said Schroeder.

He also said that actor/comedian/producer Larry David is “top of [his] list” for an interview.

“Larry David’s at the top. ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is one of my favorite shows ever. I would just love to pick his brain a little bit and see how he comes up with some of these ideas,” said Schroeder, adding, “I think I know pretty much who he is as a person because that’s who he plays on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ but I would still love to talk to him. He’s definitely at the top of my list.”

Look for more pieces on our in-depth interview with Schroeder in the coming week!

“Daily Blast Live” airs Monday through Friday online or check your local listings. “Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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