‘Big Brother 24’: Kyle’s Mom Reacts to His Kiss With Alyssa

Kyle & Alyssa

YouTube Kyle's mom reacts to showmance

“Big Brother 24” houseguests Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider caught the attention of fans after they were seen locking lips on the 24/hour live feeds.

Some fans loved the romantic moment, while others were not so impressed. One viewer who did not appreciate the makeout scene was Kyle’s mom, who took to social media to share her thoughts.

Kyle’s Mom Reacts to the Kiss

On August 2, a Twitter user shared various screenshots that showed Kyle’s mom sharing her thoughts on the showmance via the social messaging app Discord.

Kyle’s mom revealed that she had to delete Twitter after seeing footage of the infamous kiss.

“I haven’t been on since the news of the kiss broke last night. That was enough for me,” she wrote.

She then shared her honest opinion of Alyssa.

“[Alyssa is] not nice enough for him,” she wrote, according to the screenshots.

“She sounds very immature,” she continued in another message.

She also suggested that “Big Brother” producers may be influencing Kyle’s behavior in the house.

“They are influencing him to tell [Alyssa] he likes her I bet,” she wrote, according to the screenshots. “Can’t wait to talk to him about this when he gets home.”

‘Big Brother 24’ Cast Recreates Keesha’s Birthday Scene

“Big Brother” fans may remember Keesha Smith’s iconic birthday celebration in season 10.

The infamous fight began when houseguest Jessie Godderz overheard Keesha and Libra Thompson gossiping about April Lewis.

Jessie clued April in on what was happening, and a fight broke out. The drama ended with the houseguests singing an extremely awkward rendition of Happy Birthday to Keesha.

The scene is so famous among “Big Brother” viewers that fans still talk about it today.

This week in the “Big Brother 24” house, the cast decided to recreate the iconic moment to celebrate Michael Bruner’s birthday.

The official “Big Brother” Instagram account shared a video of the reenactment.

In the video, Taylor Hale brings in a birthday cake while the other houseguests awkwardly sing “Happy Birthday” to Michael.

After the song, Taylor quotes Libra’s iconic line, “Anybody want cake?”

Fans React to Reenactment

Fans commented on the post to share their thoughts on the remake.

“Taylor re-creating the anybody want cake line, iconic,” one fan wrote.

“Keesha’s Birthday will forever be iconic! Most awkward birthday ever… 🎂,” another fan commented.

“Omg I love this 😂😂 Taylor killed the reenactment! And [Turner ]in the background trying hard not to laugh 😂,” a third commenter wrote.

“Keesha’s birthday truly is the greatest moment in BB history. I love that Michael wanted it recreated,” a fourth fan commented.

Season 21 houseguest Holly Allen also shared her thoughts on the reenactment, writing, “This is gold 😅.”

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