‘Big Brother 23’ Cast Announcement & House Reveal Dates

'Big Brother 23' key art

CBS 'Big Brother 23' key art

There are some new spoilers for “Big Brother” season 23 courtesy of reliable spoiler account SpoilerGirl, including the cast and house reveal dates plus some information on what CBS does not want the upcoming season to be like. Read on for all the details but be warned of light spoilers ahead.


The Cast Is Finalized and Dates Are Nearly Set in Stone

According to SpoilerGirl, the cast was finalized on June 11 and the kidnappings and mandatory quarantine will be starting this coming weekend, June 18-20. There will be COVID-19 testing in sequester and a vaccine was also required of the contestants.

The house is also finished and, as we already knew, is going to have a beach theme. Host Julie Chen Moonves previously revealed the idea is “BB Beach Club.”

SpoilerGirl also said that while casting “did discuss” having 18 houseguests, they settled on 16 players and “zero returning players.”

The key dates to mark on your calendar are June 30 for the cast reveal and the first week of July for the house reveal. The plan for the house reveal is either Friday, July 2 or Monday, July 5 because of the holiday. SpoilerGirl wrote, “First look at the house should be July 2 or July 5th but with the 4th being on Sunday 7/2 is ideal.”

The Season Theme is New Beginnings

SpoilerGirl also said that the theme for the season is “new beginnings of BB rebirth,” which definitely plays into the recently-released key art that CBS posted to social media.

On the tweet, the official “Big Brother” account wrote, “New look, who dis Telephone receiver? Get ready for a shiny new season of Big Brother coming your way, July 7th on @CBS.” On Facebook, the official page wrote, “Julie Chen Moonves has got the keys to the kingdom, and you’re all invited. aGet excited for the season 23 premiere of Big Brother, July 7th on CBS.”

This also ties into SpoilerGirl’s final spoiler from this batch of information in which she wrote that the higher-ups were “not happy” with how “Big Brother All-Stars” went last year.

“I’ve been told they do not want a BB22 reboot. CBS was not happy,” wrote SpoilerGirl, adding, “People in the BB team did watch BBCAN9.”

That is good news, indeed, because fans were very excited about how “Big Brother Canada 9” went, especially the twist of the invisible Head of Household. We hope that is a twist “Big Brother 23” utilizes this summer as well.

Other bits of information we already had include that there will be a live move-in episode on July 7. SpoilerGirl said that this episode will culminate in crowning the first Head of Household and there will be no night one or week one eviction. Because of that, there will be no episode airing on Thursday, July 8 because Thursdays are usually eviction nights. Instead, the next new episode will be on Sunday, July 11 and then the regular schedule of Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT will commence.

There is also no “Big Brother After Dark” returning to POP TV. It sounds like BBAD is dead.

Finally, the press release for the summer sounds like maybe the show is upping its game a bit. It teased, “Houseguests are in for a high-stakes summer full of big risks and big rewards, where one wrong gamble could cost them everything.”

“Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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