Amanda Batula Names ‘Summer House’ Alum She Doesn’t Want to Return

Amanda Batula.

Heavy/Getty Amanda Batula.

“Summer House” star Amanda Batula is sharing her thoughts about her former castmate, Jordan Verroi, who appeared on the show’s 3rd season, as reported by Reality Blurb.

During a May 2024 interview with Us Weekly, Batula was asked, “Which previous ‘Summer House’ castmate would you never want to have back?” The reality television star replied, “I’m going to say Jordan Verroi.” She then explained that she chose Verroi because she has not maintained a relationship with him since he departed from the Bravo series in 2020.

“Just because I don’t even know where he is. Haven’t heard from him. Haven’t seen him. Yeah. That’s the only one that I would say,” said Batula.

Amanda Batula Discussed Filming ‘Summer House’ With Her Husband, Kyle Cooke

While speaking to Access Hollywood in April 2024, Batula noted that she and her husband, Kyle Cooke, had some intense arguments during the show’s 8th season. She suggested she regretted being “snippy” toward him. The 32-year-old also said her husband “just blurts out whatever is on his mind at all times,” which has caused some issues.

“I have to deal with that. And I have to watch it. And, like, have it all play out, so it’s really difficult,” said the graphic designer.

She also suggested she does not appreciate how fans have reacted to her and Cooke’s on-screen arguments.

“I understand anyone that hides their relationship on camera. Or doesn’t want to admit their flaws. Or what’s really going on,” said Batula. “Because it is so difficult dealing with the fans. Honestly, like, the viewers. And having to re-live it.”

She also stated Cooke decided to be transparent about their relationship while “Summer House” cameras were rolling.

“I feel like if it was up to me, I’d probably hide a lot more,” said Batula. “But the man says whatever is on his mind. So everyone can thank Kyle for how vulnerable and honest we are with our relationship.”

She clarified that she enjoyed filming “Summer House” season 8 with Cooke.

“We had a really great summer together. Obviously, they’re highlighting some of our more frustrating moments,” stated the “Summer House” star.

Amanda Batula Shared Her Thoughts About Her Argument With Kyle Cooke About Her Role at Loverboy

During “Summer House” season 8, episode 13, Batula and Cooke had an argument about her role as the creative director at their company, Loverboy. Cooke stated he was upset that she wanted to step away from the company. As he left the conversation, he called her an insulting name.

Batula addressed her husband’s remark during the May 16 episode of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.” She stated that she and Cooke did not watch “Summer House” season 8, episode 13 together. The 32-year-old also shared that they had not yet had a conversation about his comment.

“We didn’t really talk about it yet. I think there’s a bigger conversation to be had,” said Batula.

She also stated that she was not overly upset to see Cooke crying following their argument in season 8, episode 13.

“I mean, like, I love that man, so it always hurts me to see him cry. But I don’t know why — I didn’t really care that much. I feel bad. Like, I love him, so it’s, like, sad. But I was, like, ‘Come on, I should be crying. You’re not supporting me,'” said the reality television personality.