Andy Cohen Makes Surprise Cameo on ‘American Horror Story’ With Scandoval Joke

Andy Cohen

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Andy Cohen made a cameo on “American Horror Story,” but it left some viewers horrified.

The Bravo host appeared as himself in the season 12 premiere of FX’s horror anthology series,  “American Horror Story: Delicate.” But during his short scene with star Emma Roberts,  Cohen name-checked reviled  “Vanderpump Rules”  star Tom Sandoval – and that’s where some fans lost it.

Sandoval has been in the headlines since March 2023, when his shocking cheating scandal with then-girlfriend Ariana Madix’s close friend Raquel Leviss was uncovered. Six months later, some fans think “Scandoval” has become saturated, and those who have turned to other networks to get away from it took issue with the AHS mention.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen & Emma Roberts Joked About Tom Sandoval on the AHS Premiere


On the September 20, 2023 “AHS: Delicate” premiere episode, titled “Multiply Thy Pain,”
Roberts’ character, Anna Victoria Alcott,  is revealed to be an actress who is looking for publicity during her Oscars campaign. Her publicist Siobhan Corbyn (played by Kim Kardashian) tells her Andy Cohen wants to book her on his late-night chatfest “Watch What Happens Live” —  “without a Bravolebrity in the other chair.”

When Anna comes face to face with Cohen in the Bravo Clubhouse to promote her new movie, Cohen says, “[The role] is so good, it seems that any actress would kill for it.”

“Andy, you are absolutely right, and I did kill somebody for the part. But I can’t tell you who,” Anna jokes.

“Well, that was gonna be my next question,” Cohen tells her.

“I can give you a hint though, no one will miss him,” Anna teases.

“I know: Tom Sandoval,” Cohen says.

“Aww, no! But I f***ed Tom Sandoval to get on this show!” Anna dishes. “Oops, can I say that?”

“We’re gonna bleep that out, I love it,” Cohen says.

Viewers had a lot to say about the unexpected scene. While some fans loved it — “All roads lead back to Bravo 😂” one commenter wrote on Instagram – others were put off by Sandoval getting a mention in Ryan Murphy’s popular scripted TV series.

“Not Tom Sandoval getting a name drop in #AHS” one viewer wrote on the X app.

“And Sandoval’s overblown ego is back…..”  another wrote.

“tom f****** Sandoval got mentioned on the first episode of ahs like bruh he does not deserve that,” another chimed in.

“I feel like I gave the new season of #AHS a valiant, open-minded watch but… I can’t. 😖 Kim K is an objectively terrible actress. Ryan Murphy didn’t write a new story or even screenwrite the adaptation. AND then when I think @Andy can save us, he & Emma namedrop Sandoval. SMH,” another disappointed viewer wrote.

Others said they can’t wait for Sandoval’s ex to start her run as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” so she will get attention instead of him.

“Roberts’s character name-dropping Sandoval as someone she f***** on the premiere of American Horror Story, co-starring Kim Kardashian, is the pinnacle of his career & he is so undeserving. Glad Ariana’s reign on DWTS starts next week, gotta shift any attention 😅 #scandoval,” one fan wrote.

As of this writing, Cohen has not commented on the reaction to his Sandoval joke on “American Horror Story.” He did share a clip from his scene on his Instagram story.

Andy Cohen Has Acted on Other TV Shows

Andy Cohen.

GettyAndy Cohen in 2016.

While Cohen’s “American Horror Story” cameo was a surprise for fans, he does have 22 acting credits on his resume, dating back to a 2004 episode of his pal Sarah Jessica Parker’s show, “Sex and the City,” in which he played a shoe salesman. Since that time, Cohen has shown off his acting skills on “Gossip Girl,” “Riverdale,” Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and more, per IMDb.

In addition to Roberts and Kardashian, “American Horror Story: Delicate” features Cara Delevingne, Matt Czuchry, Dennis O’Hare, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Julia Canfield, Debra Monk, Julie White, Zachary Quinto, and more, per The Messenger.

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