Raquel Leviss Claims Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Created Image for ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Ariana Madix

Heavy/Getty Ariana Madix.

Raquel Leviss broke her silence on her new life, post “Vanderpump Rules.”

Five months after she was exposed for a shocking cheating scandal with her co-star Tom Sandoval, the former Miss Malibu spoke out in an interview with Bethenny Frankel to give her side of her relationship with her former flame and his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix – as well as what she really thinks about their situation.

Here’s what you need to know:

Raquel Leviss Said Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Used Their Relationship to Create a ‘Brand’

While speaking on Frankel’s iHeart Radio’s “Just B with Bethenny Frankel” podcast on August 16, 2023,  Leviss downplayed Sandoval and Madix’s 10-year relationship.

“I would not be involved in this affair, secrecy-type situation if I thought there was longevity in this relationship between Tom and Ariana,” Leviss told Frankel.

She also hinted that it was an open secret that the former couple’s relationship was all business.

“The people closest to them can see their relationship has not been what they portray on camera,” she said. “Tom always told me they’re a brand, they’re an image, they work together to make brand deals and they are business partners.”

“They’re a duo on the show and they utilize that for the success of their brand or image,” she added of the exes.

Sandoval made similar statements earlier this year. In April 2023, he told the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast that he and Madix kept up appearances for business reasons.  “We just sort of did our own thing and but we always wanted to make sure and keep the optics up that we were like a solid powerful couple because it was part of our brand.”

Raquel Leviss Said She is Not Surprised Tom Sandoval is Still Living With Ariana Madix

vpr stars

BravoTom Sandoval with Raquel Leviss and Ariana Madix.

Sandoval and Madix own a home together in Valley Village, California, and they both still live there months after their split. During her interview with Frankel, Leviss said of the exes, “They do still live together. …People are confused as to why they’re still living together.”

Sandoval previously said he is living in a separate area of the house and that he and Madix use a go-between to communicate.

In May 2022, Madix told “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen,  “My plan is to sell the house. I want my money out of that house as quickly as possible and I want to move on.” according to People.

But Leviss revealed that she offered her apartment to Sandoval when she checked herself into a mental health treatment center for 90 days, and he turned it down.

“I actually gave Tom the key to my apartment while I was away at the Meadows, and he had a free place to stay and chose to stay in the house with Ariana,” she said.

“I don’t know their situations, but I do know it isn’t really that surprising that they’re living together in my eyes because it’s been this way,” she added. “They haven’t been an authentic couple, romantic, intimate.”

Of her own relationship with Sandoval, Leviss admitted that looking back on the seven-month affair, she now knows she was not in love with him. “I also don’t believe that he truly was in love with me either,” she added.

Leviss also downplayed her friendship with Madix, saying they were never best friends and never did anything together one-on-one, not even a lunch. Instead, the former  “Vanderpump Rules” star said they hung out in group settings under Sandoval’s invite and that she spent more of her time hanging out with him in clear view.

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