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Andy Cohen

Bravo Andy Cohen.

Andy Cohen  has been interacting with fans on a regular basis while on tour to promote his book, “The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up.”  Fans line up to see the Bravo host in person, and maybe get him to sign a copy of his bestselling book.

But in May 2023, Cohen gave a group of unsuspecting fans a huge surprise when he showed up on their turf, and he and his friend John Hill captured it all on video.

Andy Cohen Crashed a “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion Party

On May 23, 2023, the first part of the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion aired on Bravo. The highly-anticipated reunion was taped just three weeks after a shocking cheating scandal was unearthed between cast members Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss.

In a video on his Instagram story on the night that the reunion aired, Cohen was dressed casually in a jean jacket and baseball cap as he walked along a New York street with Hill on their way to dinner. “I got an invite to crash a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ viewing party, which is like a block from my house,” Cohen said on the video.

Hill seemed unsure about crashing the party, then wondered, “Is there food?”

“Well we would have just eaten, so is there desserts?” Cohen asked. He then said, “We’re gonna play this by ear.”

Fast forward to after dinner, and Cohen and Hill were headed to the party.  “We’re doing this,” Cohen said. “It’s at someone’s house. I do have to relieve the babysitter, this is gonna be a drop-by so we’ll see. But I do want to see if they have desserts because we didn’t have any.”

“We’re not going empty-handed,” Cohen added. “We have Via Carota negronis we got at Via Carota. I think a negroni is the chic drink of the moment and we’re gonna share it with our new friends.”

When Hill suggested they will take a drink and then “get in an Uber quick,” Cohen said, “No, we’re gonna embrace this.”

Cohen then approached the door to be buzzed in but got out of the security camera’s view so the resident wouldn’t see it was him. “I told the woman I may come…and not to tell her friends,“ he said. “So now it’s the heat of the reunion and now her door is buzzing, so I’m sure there’s confusion going on.”

After waiting on the front step for an answer, Cohen was finally let in by the flustered fan, who apologized for not answering the buzzer at first. “By the way, do you have desserts?” Cohen asked her.

The fan then led Cohen and Hill into a “Vanderpump Rules” viewing party which resulted in hysterical screams from her unsuspecting friends. Cohen headed to the dessert table as the group squealed in excitement over his presence.

Cohen then told the group to put the reunion on pause so they could all do a shot together. “They got Mujen, which is my drink,” he said.

After doing the shot, Cohen and Hill headed out. “That was fun, that was really fun,” the Bravo host said as he exited. “Wow, they are really cool, …Love thy neighbor. As I learned at SantaCon a few years ago, every friend was once a stranger.”

You can see a clip of Cohen’s party crashing here.

Andy Cohen Hung Out With Fans at a Party at SantaCon in 2018

Andy Cohen Made New Friends During SantaconAndy Cohen talks about the strangers who invited him to their Santacon party.2018-12-20T19:37:44Z

This isn’t the first time Cohen crashed a fan party. In 2018, the Bravo host appeared on “Live” with pal Kelly Ripa to reveal that some strangers had invited him to a party during SantaCon. According to Parade, SantaCon is an annual tradition held in various cities where participants dress like Santa Claus and day-drink.

Cohen told Ripa that he does not usually “care for” SantaCon because it’s a holiday with a lot of “drunk, white” Santas. But that year he observed a rooftop Santa party from his apartment window, which he began to roast on Instagram. I was making fun of these guys, then the party really started picking up. I was like ‘Well this is interesting,’ and they start DMing me from the party, sending me messages saying come to the party.”

Cohen admitted it wasn’t like him to go to a random party, and then he noticed the party was dying down, anyway. He then got a DM from the party host, Dean, who informed him the party had moved inside because it was cold on the roof and that it was still “raging.” He convinced Cohen to crash the party by saying one line to him: “He said, remember every friend was once a stranger,” Cohen revealed. “And I go, ‘You know what Dean, every friend was once a stranger!’”

Cohen ultimately crashed the party and did shots of tequila with the already-drunken Santas. He also noted that he later invited his new friend Dean to be a guest bartender on “Watch What Happens Live.”

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