Ariana Madix’s Boyfriend Daniel Wai Supports Her Dream Job as She Shades Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix

NBCUniversal Ariana Madix on "Love Island."

Ariana Madix’s new man is in her corner. The “Vanderpump Rules”  star has inked a long list of deals in the months since her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s headline-making cheating scandal with her former friend Raquel Leviss took place, and the new man in her life, Daniel Wai, is showing her support in a way that Sandoval never did.

After Madix scored a guest stint on her favorite TV show, “Love Island USA,” Wai chimed in on an Instagram post to say he can’t wait to watch – which is pretty much the opposite of what Sandoval said about the show.

Here’s what you need to know:

Daniel Wai Said He’ll Watch All 50 Episodes of ‘Love Island’


“Love Island USA” is a reality show that features a group of contestants, aka “Islanders,” living in a villa, where they must team up with a romantic companion to stay on the show. The fifth season of the show premiered on July 18, 2023, and features new episodes six nights a week on Peacock. Madix made her cameo in week 2 on episode 7 to host a game called “Mr. and Mrs.”

“I can’t wait to see who’s actually been taking the time to get to know one another,” Madix told the Islanders on the show. “Take it from me, it’s important to know who you’re dating or sharing a bed with. If they’re not the one for you, trust me, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later,” she added, in a clear diss to Sandoval.

After she posted to Instagram to tease her appearance, Wai, whom Madix has been seeing since April 2023, commented, “Another show to watch now!”

“@thestrongwai you have soooo much to catch up on 😍,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star replied.

Wai asked Madix, “@arianamadix how many episodes a season?,” to which she replied, “Like… 50.”

The fitness trainer then wrote, “@arianamadix I mean if I can watch all of Naruto and the fillers I can do 50 of that.”

“@thestrongwai 😂 does that mean i have to watch all of Naruto for this to be fair,” Madix asked, in reference to the Netflix anime series.

Fans reacted to note that Wai seems to be in it with Madix for the long haul.

“@thestrongwai is watching Love Island and makes time for the 50+ episodes😍,” one fan wrote.

“Good boy Dan!!! We love a supportive bf 💕,” another agreed.

“@thestrongwai @arianamadix what a beautiful full circle moment for a strong man to watch love island with you!!” came a third comment.

Tom Sandoval Refused to Watch ‘Love Island’ With Ariana Madix

Madix was in a relationship with Sandoval for nearly a decade, but on the 10th season of “Vanderpump Rules” their relationship began falling apart.

In a scene shot before their split, Sandoval even dissed Madix’s love for “Love Island. As the then-couple argued about the lack of quality time they spent together, Madix noted that Sandoval refused to stay in and watch “Love Island” with her.

“I don’t have time to watch 50 godd*** episodes of Love Island!’” the bar owner replied“That is your definition of quality time, not the definition of quality time.”

In a confessional, Sandoval told producers that his idea of quality time was “taking mushrooms” or “skinny dipping in the pool.”

Sandoval has not publicly commented on Madix’s “Love Island” role, but he did tell TMZ he thinks she has a good shot at winning “Dancing With the Stars” when she competes on the ABC dancing show this fall.

“I don’t want to jinx her, but I want to say [she has] a 9 [out of 10 chance of winning],” Sandoval said of his ex. “I don’t want to say a 10. I think she’s got a really good shot. I want to say 9.5.”

Even if she doesn’t win the mirrorball trophy, Madix is already winning with her “Love Island” gig. In a July 2023 interview with Rolling Stone, the superfan revealed she’s obsessed with the long-running dating show.

“I have seen every episode of every iteration of ‘Love Island’ and it is my favorite show,” Madix gushed. “Most of my friends are well aware of my obsession and were just as excited as I am for me to be able to live my dream.”

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