LOOK: Ariana Madix Has Wardobe Malfunction on MTV Awards Red Carpet

Ariana Madix

Getty Ariana Madix in 2022.

Fans noticed a wardrobe malfunction in “Vanderpump Rules” star Ariana Madix’s red carpet outfit.

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, Madix and longtime boyfriend Tom Sandoval walked the red carpet of the MTV Movie & TV Awards but fans noticed something was wrong with Madix’s bottoms.

Here’s what you need to know.

Fans Were Shocked to See More of Ariana Madix Than They Had Planned for: ‘the Kitty Is Halfway Out’

Madix shared a series of images on her own Instagram with the caption, “i’ve never felt more beautiful can’t afford to pay for the images so you guys get getty watermarks it takes a village! tap for tags of everyone who helped me get ready for such a moment it’s one thing to be invited, but to also be nominated and presenting is the stuff dreams are made of.”

But it was a Bravo fan account that shared an alternate photo where fans saw the accident.

Fans noticed that the bottoms, which were like bathing suit bottoms covered in sheer fishnet, didn’t quite fit right and she was showing more of her groin area than was probably planned.

“Lol #vanercooter has arrived,” someone wrote.

“I just came for the comments because of…ya know….,” someone said including a cat emoji.

“The kitty is halfway out,” a fan wrote.

“The cats out of the bag,” someone else said.

“With all the damn money they have, they dress like this? Tacky AF,” a fan said.

“Can anyone else see #arianamadix #vigina or am I the only one that can see it?” someone asked in the comments.

“I could use any picture, you wouldn’t know the difference, genius. At least I’m not showing off my camel toe,” someone wrote.

“Her outfit is horrable,” a fan said.

“I’m just here for the comments! As I looked I was saying the same as most of you! LAWD HAVE MERCY,” another fan said.

“Did either one of them look in the mirror before they left???” a fan asked.

“On vpr she said she hates her cooter. Now it’s all hanging out,” another fan said.

“Omg. Not sure those pink underpants work,” someone wrote.

“She won’t let him near it but she shows it to the rest of the world,” a fan wrote hinting at Madix’s past comments on the show.

“What is she wearing and he looks like a Johnny Debb knockoff!” someone noted.

“What is going on with her outfit? Yikes!” a fan said.

“So many things wrong here! It’s embarrassing,” another fan wrote.

“Her lip fell out,” someone said.

“Oh god honey no,” a fan wrote.

“I saw Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro lol,” someone pointed out.

“You can literally see her v,” a fan wrote.

“I didn’t even look at him I was too drawn to well….” someone else said.

“Now I understand…looks like I’m staring at a literal hoof when I see this picture,” someone said.

Ariana Madix Revealed She Had an Allergic Reaction to a Skin Care Product ‘Here We Go Again With the Allergic Reactions Right’

“This weekend, I learned the hard way that I’m allergic to something in vitamin C skin products. It wasn’t long after I used a new serum that I started itching. Here we go again with the allergic reactions right?” she wrote on an Instagram Story according to Bravo.

The reaction was treated with over-the-counter medication, according to Madix.

“Benadryl has been my best friend!” she said, according to the outlet. “I’m hoping [the allergic reaction] goes away without steroids this time.”

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