Brittany Cartwright Opens Up About Health Issues

Brittany Cartwright.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Brittany Cartwright shares details on health scare.

Brittany Cartwright has opened up about her scary health issues for the first time since she was rushed to the hospital in February 2023.

On the April 26, 2023, episode of Kristen Doute’s “Sex, Love & What Else Matters” podcast, Cartwright explained what happened to her.

“All of the sudden, I started getting numbness in my right arm and my right leg, to the point where I couldn’t even hold my cell phone anymore,” Cartwright said. “And it got really scary because it was happening out of nowhere,” she continued. The former “Vanderpump Rules” star explained that she had previously experienced numbness but it wasn’t bad and she didn’t seek medical attention.

“This one lasted for 24 hours straight. It was my entire right arm and my entire right leg,” she continued. She said that it got so bad that she actually fell and ended up with bruises all over her body. At that point, Cartwright called a friend to come over and ended up taking Cartwright to the emergency room. Taylor was away working on a project at the time, but came home when he got word that Cartwright had been hospitalized.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brittany Cartwright Underwent Various Tests but They Were Inconclusive

On February 11, 2023, Cartwright took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself wearing a patient gown while lying in a hospital bed.

“Little health scare but I’m okay! Keep me in your prayers,” she captioned the post. Cartwright, however, didn’t provide any details about what was wrong or why she was in the hospital — until now.

“It was just a really scary time. They didn’t know what was going on with me. They thought that maybe I had early signs of MS, or maybe a small stroke, so I had to have MRIs on my brain and on my spine. And I had to have CAT scans. It was just a really scary time,” Cartwright explained.

“Everything, thank God, came back clean, so we still don’t know what’s going on. But I haven’t had the numbness since that day, or anything. I was breaking out in hives a lot. There was just a lot of, like, crazy things that was [sic] going on,” she continued, adding that all of her bloodwork came back “perfect.”

Cartwright also met with a neurologist who said that everything in her brain looked “fine.” Cartwright was so grateful to her friends, including Doute, who pitched in to help with Cruz while she was in the hospital. She was cleared after two days.

Cartwright Says She’s ‘Feeling a Lot Better Now’

Although Cartwright still needs to monitor her symptoms moving forward, she told Doute that she’s feeling better and the numbness is gone. “Knock on wood,” she said.

Indeed, Cartwright has returned to her normal life, even adding in some extra things to her workload. Aside from being a wife and a mom — and a spokesperson for Jenny Craig — Cartwright and Taylor now have their very own podcast called “When Reality Hits,” which premiered in March 2023.

In addition to that, Cartwright and Taylor inked a deal with Bravo to give their “unfiltered perspective” on a handful of episodes of “Vanderpump Rules,” according to Variety. The offer came up after one of the biggest scandals in Bravo television history broke; Tom Sandoval was having an affair with Raquel Leviss while still dating and living with Ariana Madix.

The couple’s commentary is featured on three episodes of the series and is available to stream on Peacock.

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