Brock Davies Slammed for Plugging His App on Lala Kent’s Workout Post

Lala Kent Brock Davies

Getty Lala Kent and Brock Davies.

Lala Kent didn’t let a babysitting issue stop her from going to the gym.

The single “Vanderpump Rules” star, who split from her fiancé Randall Emmett in October, brought her baby daughter, Ocean, to the gym with her and held her in one arm as she used a dumbbell and did curls with the other. The Give Them Lala Beauty founder also held Ocean in her arms as she did a series of squats.

On Instagram, Kent shared a video of her multitasking moment and revealed that she did what she had to do when her mom, Lisa Burningham, also wanted to go to the gym to work out.

“When Gigi’s trying to go to the gym at the same time as you. (Gigi is my Mama/ Ocean’s Grandma for anyone who doesn’t know),” Kent captioned her post.

Kent received plenty of positive comments about the strength she showed during her mother-daughter workout.

“Strong mama!” wrote pal James Kennedy.

“That is how it’s done. Way to go, mama!” another commenter added.

“Gurl we see you!!” another fan wrote. “One hand you are holding a 20-pound baby and curling a 15 dumbbells… then you squat with a baby!!! #mombod #momlife.”

Kent’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Star Brock Davies Also Reacted to the Video, But He Used the Opportunity to Promote His Business

Kent’s video also caught the eye of “Vanderpump Rules” newcomer, Brock Davies, who used the opportunity to playfully plug his Homebody fitness app.

“Baby workout @homebodyapp lol,” Davies wrote in the comment section of Kent’s post.

It’s no surprise that other commenters replied to Davies to accuse him of piggybacking on Kent’s  workout post to promote his business. Some called the move “embarrassing” and “cringe.”

“So desperate I cannot,” one commenter wrote.

“@brock__davies always that free plug,” another added.

“@brock__davies  Are you seriously plugging on someone else’s page? Lol yikes,” a third follower asked.

Others called out Davies for his feud with Kent throughout the “Vanderpump Rules” season, and questioned why he’d use her post to promote his app.

“@brock__davies ‘I can’t stand Lala’ … but let me just tag my s*** on her post real quick. The thirst of it all,” one commenter wrote.

“So you trash her entire season on tv & destroy her all over social media & try to use her social media for your benefit?” another wrote to Davies.

“I know right?” another agreed. “He hated her all season & was so disrespectful at the reunion, but he sees how many followers she has & has to tag himself… so thirsty!”

But other fans defended Davies. Some said he was clearly just joking with his comment, while another pointed out that Kent was wearing Homebody gear in her video.

“Lala is literally wearing his brand,” one fan noted.

When another fan tagged Davies to alert him to the negative responses to his comment, the Australian fitness guru admitted he was not at all surprised.

“To be honest, it’s expected,” Davies wrote. “A bunch of perfect people that have done nothing wrong in their lives and it’s so great to be graced with their uplifting messages.”

Kent Previously Slammed Davies’ Expensive Homebody Photoshoot

Davies and Kent previously butted heads over some Homebody-related topics. When Davies invited the “Vanderpump Rules” cast to participate in a photoshoot for his app, Kent questioned the elaborate, balloon-filled setup for the promo and suggested that it could have all been done on an iPhone.

In an interview on the “Tap In” podcast,  Davies claimed that the storyline about his photoshoot and subsequent plan to pull off a “free” proposal to Scheana Shay was “spun” to make him look bad. He also called out Kent for talking about how much money he has spent promoting his Homebody app, and he referenced her split from baby Ocean’s father, Randall Emmett.

“[She’s like] I spent so much money on my Homebody brand and a photoshoot and all this ***, but I can’t afford to take care of my wife?” Davies said. “Which, fast forward six months to today, looks like she can’t afford to take care of her fiancé.”

“It is what it is,” he added of Kent. “She said some stuff and I’m not okay with it.”

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