Bravo Star on ‘Tough’ Time Filming With Lindsay Hubbard

"Summer House" cast

Bravo "Summer House" cast

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke were only on season 2 of Bravo’s “Winter House” for a couple of episodes, but fans slammed several of the show’s stars for their behavior toward Hubbard. As the episodes aired, many Reddit threads were created slamming Paige DeSorbo, Amanda Batula and Ciara Miller for how they spoke about Hubbard and accused them of being “mean girls.”

Miller and Batula defended themselves when asked about it by ET Online, with Miller saying, “I don’t feel like we hate Lindsay.” She explained that the 6th season of “Summer House” was airing at the same time that “Winter House” season 2 filmed, so from her perspective it created “a lot of tension… on my part.”

In March 2022, when the season was being filmed, the “Summer House” season 6 episodes were the ones showing a “love triangle” between Miller, Hubbard and Austen Kroll. “It was definitely a tough time,” Miller shared.

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Amanda Batula Defended Speaking to Lindsay Hubbard About the Rumor Involving Her & Austen Kroll

Fans also criticized Batula for the way she told Hubbard that the house was discussing Kroll’s claim that she had made a move on him the same day she and Radke started dating. Some accused Batula of “setting up” Hubbard to look bad, which she denied. “When I talked to her, I truly felt super uncomfortable that the entire house was having this conversation,” she said in her ET Online interview.

Batula said it would have been really bad for Radke to watch the show and see that everyone was speaking about it but no one had approached him to warn him. Miller described it as a no-win situation and they would have been criticized no matter what they did.

“Yeah, and none of the guys were going to say anything,” Batula told the publication. “I felt like, I need to be a decent person and let Lindsay know. Granted, this was the scariest thing that I had to bring up to her. It’s not what I wanted to do and I do get nervous in these sort of conversations with her.”

Amanda Batula Spoke About the Fallout of Her Comments About Lindsay Hubbard on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

While Hubbard and Batula left the house in Vermont on good terms, the two appeared to have a falling out recently as Batula shared on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” that she felt Hubbard was the rudest to fans out of her co-stars. Hubbard lashed out at Batula in response to her comments.

Batula described their relationship as “complicated” and told ET Online that they haven’t spoken since then. “There has always been love between us,” Batula said. She said their friendship was at a place where she thought the comments wouldn’t have come off as “malicious or an attack.”

“I never in a million years would have imagined that sort of reaction from it or that sort of hurt that she felt,” Batula confessed. She added that if she’d known, she wouldn’t have said anything. The “Summer House” star said while she knew Hubbard wouldn’t love the comments, she didn’t expect that level of a reaction. “There’s a lot of pressure on Watch What Happens Live to be funny, be entertaining, be witty, spill the tea, you know? Like, make people laugh,” she explained.

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