Craig Conover Puts Down Shep Rose in New Book

Craig Conover and Shep Rose.

Getty Craig Conover and Shep Rose.

Craig Conover, 33, has starred in the hit series “Southern Charm,” since its first season. The lawyer released his memoir, “Pillow Talk: What’s Wrong with My Sewing?,” in March 2022. According to Us Weekly, the Bravo personality shared some insights about his co-stars in the book. For instance, he revealed that he did not enjoy the company of his castmate, Shep Rose, during their first interaction. 

In the memoir, Conover asserted that Rose “rudely dismiss one of the waitstaff” while attending a party together.  

“Shepard Rose showed no particular interest in [my roommate and I], and we returned the favor,” revealed Conover. 

The reality television personality also shared that Rose was romantically interested in his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo when they first began seeing each other. He accused the “RelationShep” star of coming onto Olindo while in attendance of a Charleston Fashion Week event. Us Weekly reported that the party, where Rose attempted to lock lips with the French native, marked the former couple’s “unofficial first date.”

“Of course I was pissed, even if I hadn’t made it clear to Shep that I was interested in Naomie. She had refused his advances anyway,” revealed Conover in his book. 

While speaking to Us Weekly, Conover confided that Rose may not be pleased with some aspects of the memoir. 

“Shep, he’ll be fine. He might disagree on some of my analysis of our relationship,” stated the “Winter House” star. 

Craig Conover Spoke About Shep Rose in a Separate Interview

During a March 2022 interview with In The Know, Conover spoke about his memoir. He shared that Olindo and his parents were “interviewed for” the book. He also noted that Rose may be unhappy with how he is depicted in “Pillow Talk.” 

“Shep might not be happy about a little bit of it, but you know, we’ll deal with it,” stated Conover.

Conover also discussed his girlfriend and fellow Bravo star, Paige DeSorbo. He suggested that the editing of “Summer House” season 6 did not depict the positive aspects of their relationship. 

“I understand there’s got to be, you know, a roller coaster and a swing and I’m really happy to be on the upswing now, but you know, the beginning was a little tough because you know, it doesn’t do much to show us laughing and having fun all the time. You know, you only have a certain amount of time to put in to the episode. And you know, some viewers — and I don’t fault them if I watched what they were being shown too, I would have the same opinion, but it’s amazing, you know, the swing,” explained the 33-year-old. 

He went on to say that DeSorbo will appear in the upcoming season of “Southern Charm.”

“We’re both really good at like respecting like this is your thing and this is your thing and I would have loved her to be there for everything but it’s a good balance. It’s still ‘Southern Charm,’ it’s still your main people but now Craig has a girlfriend and you get to see his girlfriend in the mix,” explained the reality television star. 

Craig Conover Shared Information About the Upcoming Season of ‘Southern Charm’

While speaking to “In The Know,” Conover also teased some information about “Southern Charm” season 8. 

“I am, for ‘Southern Charm’ fans, really excited for the season because I think it’s going to be a longer season, it resembles like O.G. ‘Southern Charm.’ Like the early years of ‘Southern Charm’ and there’s just stuff that happens that will be just as mind blowing as the early years,” stated the lawyer.

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