Jill Zarin Shares How Bravo Interfered With ‘Below Deck’ Trip

Jill Zarin

Heavy/Getty Jill Zarin

Former “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Jill Zarin popped back up on the network as a charter guest during two April 2024 episodes of “Below Deck”, much to the ship crew’s dismay. Zarin herself deemed the trip a “total disaster” given the disorganization of the crew, specifically chef Anthony Iracane, who was having difficulty keeping all of Zarin and her friends’ unique dietary restrictions straight, causing delayed mealtimes and cold food. Iracane was let go from the St. David a couple of episodes after Zarin’s stay.

After the crew lambasted Zarin in confessionals across her two episodes, she had a chance to defend herself and share her side of the story on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live”. A clip of Zarin’s interview was posted to YouTube on April 30.

Jill Zarin Claims Bravo Took Amenities Off the Boat

“Oh ‘Below Dreck’?” Zarin said after Lewis first raised the topic, a joke she borrowed from her boyfriend Gary Brody. The former Housewife went on to share that “just financially, it was $45,000 for two nights, which is five meals,” with a $10,000 per day tip, split amongst the guests.

Zarin went on to defend her behavior during the trip, claiming that all of her constructive criticism (which was seen as less-than-constructive in the eyes of the crew, according to the edit) was meant to be helpful and a “teaching moment for them.”

Lewis said that for the price Zarin and her friends were paying, it didn’t matter what the crew thought, they should be getting her whatever she wanted. “And there should be toothpaste, there should be toiletries in the bathroom,” he added, referencing one moment during Zarin’s trip where she told the ship’s crew that past yachts she had been on had always provided a basket full of toiletries in the bathroom.

“Do you know what she told me, why I didn’t have it, by the way? The truth? Was because Bravo took it off the boat because they didn’t want to pay to promote the brands, like Crest [toothpaste] or whatever, so they removed it. They would normally be in the bathroom, that’s what I was looking for,” Zarin shared.

Jill Zarin Wants Redemption on ‘The Goat’

Zarin went on to tell Lewis that her new show, “The Goat”, “is really going to be a redemption for me, I hope. Because then you see me funny and the way I am. Sarcastic, and I’m not perfect, and I say things that are stupid, but never mean. And I have to say on ‘Below Deck’ that some of the crew came out in my defense and felt very, very bad, including [Chief Steward] Fraser [Olender, who said a lot about Zarin in confessional].”

“The Goat”, an Amazon Prime series that debuts on May 9, pits reality stars from all different shows against one another in hopes of winning a $200,000 cast prize. To win, Zarin will have to defeat 13 other competitors, including fellow Bravo stars Kristen Doute (“Vanderpump Rules”) and Reza Farahan (“Shahs of Sunset”).

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