Jo Wenberg Thinks Producers Were ‘Sick of’ VPR Star’s Behavior

Jo Wenberg and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jo Wenberg and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11.

“Vanderpump Rules” personality Jo Wenberg, who appeared on season 11, shared she does not believe the show’s production was happy with her former friend, Tom Schwartz.

On the April 11 episode of “Vanderpump Rules” alum Rachel “Raquel” Leviss’ podcast, “Rachel Goes Rogue,” Wenberg stated that “Vanderpump Rules” producers encouraged her to discuss her romantic relationship with Schwartz on camera.

“The producers on the show were the ones that really helped me open up. Be like, ‘You really need to speak about this.’ And I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for that. I would have kept my mouth shut,” said Wenberg. 

Wenberg stated that the producers told her that they were “seeing a different side” of Schwartz’s behavior. According to the hairstylist, Schwartz had been minimizing his relationship with her.

“They really, really were pushing to be kind to me. Because they saw it before I did. And they didn’t have to showcase that,” said Wenberg. “But they decided to be like, ‘We’re sick of this.’ I think in their mind they were sick of the Schwartz behavior. And they were like ‘Let’s actually show someone who’s really blindsided.'” 

The 35-year-old then stated she was “grateful” for the producers.

Jo Wenberg Stated That Tom Schwartz’s Co-Stars Were Unaware of The Nature of Their Relationship

While recording the April 11 “Rachel Goes Rogue” episode, Wenberg stated that she and Schwartz had been “dating” and “were in love.” She said she was upset that Schwartz denied they were in a relationship in front of “Vanderpump Rules” cameras.

“We would tell each other we loved each other. And we would be extremely just in our own bubble. And we liked it that way, and the cameras would come up, and it was like I didn’t even exist,” said Wenberg.

In addition, she stated that she discussed her relationship with Schwartz at the “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 reunion. According to Wenberg, Schwartz’s castmates were unaware of the nature of their romance.

“They were baffled. It was really neat to see kind of like a gasp of like, ‘Oh, [Schwartz] not only lied to Jo,” said Wenberg. “But you lied to us, and you also lied to [Bravo producer] Andy [Cohen], and you lied to everybody. And like it’s very clear throughout the season that you guys were together. But we all thought that Jo was the liar. And when in reality, Jo was the one who was being honest.'” 

The hairstylist, who no longer speaks to Schwartz, shared that his ex-wife, Katie Maloney, “apologized to [her]” at the reunion.

Katie Maloney Shared Her Thoughts About Jo Wenberg in an April 2024 Interview

During an April 2024 Us Weekly interview, Maloney stated that the “Vanderpump Rules” cast did not know “what was truly going on” between Schwartz and Wenberg during the production of season 11. 

“We were getting a very different version. Or really no information from Tom about what was happening,” said the 37-year-old. 

Maloney suggested she was surprised to see “their dynamic” when “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 aired. 

“Getting Jo’s perspective on the whole thing was very eye opening. And I kind of did feel for her. Because he was giving her the run around,” stated the reality television star. 

Tom Schwartz Opened up About His Relationship With Jo Wenberg

During an appearance on an April 2024 episode of Nick Viall’s podcast, “The Viall Files,” Schwartz discussed his relationship with Wenberg. He acknowledged that they had a sexual and romantic relationship. The 41-year-old stated he decided to “pull away” from her for “very valid reasons.” He also said he believed he should have had better communication with Wenberg.

“I should have just told her why I was pulling away. But it was going to be a confrontation if you knew what I was going to say. And I just didn’t have the energy to do it. So I guess I sort of just passively, respectfully pulled away,” said the 41-year-old. 

Schwartz also suggested he did not appreciate comments Wenberg has made about him on podcasts.

“I see she’s going on podcasts and kind of leaning into the role as a victim. I don’t want to invalidate her feelings because they are very valid. But it sucks,” said Schwartz. 

He clarified that he believes “Jo is a great human.” 

I’m not going to tarnish her reputation,” continued the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner.

Schwartz is currently dating Sophia Skoro, 23.