EXCLUSIVE: Lala Kent Reveals Why She Named Her Daughter Ocean

Lala Kent

Getty Lala Kent in 2019

Not only is Lala Kent a new mother, but she’s also a new author. The “Vanderpump Rules” star recently released her own book “Give Them Lala,” where she talks about everything in her life from her Utah upbringing to her life in Hollywood to her sobriety and everything in between.

Kent recently celebrated another major life milestone. She and her fiancé Randall Emmett welcomed their first child together on March 15. Kent announced that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ocean Kent Emmett.

Many fans immediately shared their love for the couple and wondered how they chose the name Ocean. Kent has kept quiet on their beautiful baby name decision until now. The author recently chatted with Heavy and discussed her new life as a mama and her new book.

Kent Revealed How She and Emmett Came Up With the Name Ocean

“It [Ocean] was actually the only name that we agreed on,” Kent exclusively told Heavy. “We had been talking about having kids since the time we started dating and we came up with the name. We both love the ocean, Randall even has a scuba license like he’s so into it and he wants to be in the water.”

She added, “It’s something where I adore it, but I don’t mess with it because I can’t explain it if I mean it’s like jumping into something where like I don’t even know what’s in there… So I have a connection with it.” While both have always loved the ocean, it took a special trip for them to realize it was also the perfect baby name.

“We were in the Bahamas for New Year’s, and I walked past this yacht that was named the Ocean Alexander,” she told Heavy. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, the name Ocean is everything and how did I never think of that as a name?’ I told Randall, ‘When we decide to have a baby, we’re naming it Ocean.’ And he was so down! But whether it was a boy or a girl, that was the name. And now here we are three years later with our baby Ocean. It’s crazy!”

Kent Opened Up About Having a Baby at the Same Time as Many of Her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Friends

As many “Vanderpump Rules” fans know, Kent isn’t the only one to welcome a new face. Her friends and co-stars Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor, and Scheana Shay and Brock Davies have all welcomed newborns in 2021.

Kent revealed that she actually loves the idea of raising her baby alongside her friend’s babies, because that’s what she loved about her childhood. “Oh my gosh,” the “Give Them Lala” author gushed to Heavy. “So I grew up with kind of a similar thing where my mom and her two best friends all had babies at the same time, and it was always just so much fun.”

She continued saying, “It was like I would hang out with my friends and then our moms were hanging out together and it was just like perfect… So I was talking to my little group of friends and I was like, ‘It would be so fun to have babies together,’ and it was definitely a conversation, but as many know, is not that easy to just get pregnant. It’s not that easy to just say, I want to have a baby and bam, we’re having a baby. So the fact that it happened that way, I’m extremely grateful.”

Kent and her baby Ocean have already had playdates with Schroeder’s baby girl Hartford and Cartwright’s baby boy Cruz. “It’s it’s going to be so much fun,” she said. “It already is so much fun. We had a playdate for Hartford and Ocean and like their playdate lasted ten minutes but Stassi and I had a great time,” she laughed.

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