Lala Kent Reveals Why She Apologized to Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice and Lala Kent.

Getty Teresa Giudice and Lala Kent.

Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent revealed she apologized to “Real Housewives of New Jersey” personality Teresa Giudice for comments she made about her and her husband, Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

While recording the November 8 episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala,” Kent explained she was asked which Bravo celebrity “would you not want to be stuck on an elevator with” during a panel at the 2023 BravoCon, held the weekend of November 3. The “Vanderpump Rules” personality shared that she gave Giudice and Ruelas’ names as a response. Kent also referenced that she had previously shared her suspicion of Ruelas. For instance, in a June 2023 episode of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Kent stated that she felt “nervous” about the father of two, who wed Giudice in August 2022.

“I say ‘Giudice. And if I was in there with Giudice and Louie, which is her husband it would be a real f***** nightmare.’ Keep in mind, I ended up apologizing to her, right? Teresa has been nothing but kind to me, always. And I said something about her husband, Louie, in the past and whether Louie is a great guy, not a great guy, doesn’t matter. I don’t know him. I’ve watched him on TV. I know that when I’ve said ‘hi’ to him in the past, he has been kind,” said Kent.

The reality television star said she decided to reach out to Giudice in a private Instagram message after the BravoCon panel. She stated that she told Giudice she was suspicious of Ruelas because of her experience with her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett.

“I let her know, ‘I’m working on it, I know that I project. I have nothing but respect for you and I hope that we can start fresh.’ Beef squashed,” said Kent.

Kent also suggested she felt the need to apologize because she and Giudice “share a hair-person,” who “is very loyal to Teresa.”

Teresa Giudice Spoke About Lala Kent’s Apology

Giudice discussed Kent’s apology during the November 10 episode of her podcast, “Namaste B$tches,” co-hosted by Melissa Pfeister. The RHONJ star suggested she was unhappy about Kent’s comment about her at BravoCon 2023.

“I heard Lala said something about me. She got asked a question, like, ‘Who wouldn’t you want to be stuck in an elevator with?’ And she said, ‘Giudice.’ It’s like I don’t know why she would say that,” said Giudice.

The mother of four went on to say that she appreciated Kent’s apology.

“She had DMed me and apologized for it. So, yeah, I’m glad,” said Giudice.

When Pfeister asked, “If you have no beef with someone, why do they have to start it,” Giudice replied, “Sometimes people do it for attention.”

“They have their motives. Or it’s because they heard something else. It’s like you should never take what someone else says. You should really get to know the person first before casting any judgement on anyone,” said Giudice.

Teresa Giudice Shared Information About the Upcoming 14th Season of RHONJ at the 2023 BravoCon

During a panel at the 2023 BravoCon, Giudice and Ruelas spoke about their relationship. Giudice stated her marriage does not have many hardships, besides issues that have arisen because of RHONJ.

“The only thing that’s been hard is the show. We don’t ever fight. Thank god. Knock on wood,” said Giudice.

She also noted that some of her castmates have taken issue with Ruelas. For instance, during the RHONJ season 13 reunion, Giudice’s brother, Joe Gorga, Frank Catania, Margaret Josephs, and John Fuda accused Ruelas of hiring private detective Bo Dietl to investigate them. Ruelas denied the claims.

“My poor baby, you know, we’ve had people on the show that have come after him. But this season is going to be redemption. A lot of receipts. I can’t wait for you guys to watch it. It’s definitely going to be a good season, not kidding. We’re going to be calling out the liars,” said Giudice.

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