Lindsay Hubbard Opens Up About Watching Breakup With Carl Radke in Season 8

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

Heavy/NBCUniversal Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

The 8th season of “Summer House” kicked off on February 22 and it is set to show the two months of summer leading up to Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s much-publicized split ahead of their wedding.

Hubbard, who has since said that she was completely blindsided by Radke calling off their engagement, told ET Online, “I’m nervous [about reliving it], I really am.”

“It’s gonna be tough to relive,” she continued. “I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ve already lived it. It’s the past, and I have so much going on in the present and the future — and the future’s really bright for me.”

Hubbard also had something to say to critics who accused the Bravo stars of scripting their split. “I wish that could’ve been the case,” she shared. “I think people sometimes forget that I’m not just a character on a TV show. I’m a human, and this is my real life.”

Although she admitted to being blindsided by the breakup, she said that looking back, there were red flags about their relationship that she’d ignored. “I think because of how much I was in love with him, I put on blinders to the red flags in regards to our future and then after everything was said and done and we broke up and the space that I got between the relationship and myself as an individual, you uncover all the red flags that you were putting blinders up against and that’s essentially what happened,” she explained.

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Lindsay Hubbard Revealed What She Was Expecting When They Filmed the Scene With the Breakup

Hubbard spoke about the fateful day of filming their breakup scene. The Bravo star revealed that she thought they’d be having a conversation about their finances and career plans. “I was like, OK, we have to get on the same page,” she told the publication. “Like, we had this conflict the other day about what we’re doing in life and how we’re making money, and that’s what I sat down thinking that we were repairing, the conflict. And he sat down with a very different vibe.”

The trailer for season 8 showed hints of their conversation, including Radke predicting that Hubbard would call it a “blindside.” He explained that people would understand once they saw their relationship over the “Summer House” season.

However, Hubbard said fans won’t see anything in the summer hinting at the upcoming breakup. “It was a normal relationship,” she claimed. “You fight, you have conflict, you have arguments and you communicate and work through it, especially when you’re at that level of a relationship, where you’re engaged, about to be married in two months. You work through things, you don’t run away.”

The Season 8 Premiere Didn’t Feature Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke at the ‘Summer House’

The premiere episode of season 8 showed Hubbard and Radke decide to skip the opening weekend in the Hamptons. Instead, they opted to accept an invitation to a party at the White House.

While describing the latest in their relationship, Hubbard shared that she was in the midst of planning their wedding. However, she said that Radke wasn’t that involved in the planning, and it was mostly falling on her.

Despite their split, however, Hubbard has said she’s open to filming season 9 with Radke, though she wasn’t sure if she could ever be friends with him again.

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