‘The Valley’ Star Wants to Clear Up 1 Thing About Angry Scene With Jax Taylor

Luke Broderick and Jax Taylor

Heavy/Peacock Luke Broderick and Jax Taylor

Luke Broderick says a scene he filmed for “The Valley” went on much longer than viewers saw.

The boyfriend of Kristen Doute spoke out in an April 2024 episode of their “Balancing Act” podcast to set the record straight on an argument he had with Jax Taylor on the Bravo reality show. In the scene, Broderick became upset when Taylor invited Doute’s ex-boyfriend, Alex Menache, to a guys’ night with the rest of the cast. The argument escalated quickly in the episode “Tit For Tat.”

“I just want to address one thing that has been brought to my attention over and over,” Broderick said on the podcast. “It’s my reaction to not talking to Kristen’s ex when we were at the game place One Up…. the guy’s night when we were there, and you see me throw my hands up and be like ‘Wow, I wanna be friends with a guy like that?’”

“All I’m gonna say is, they obviously cut to the very end when I just like put my foot down,” Broderick added. “I just gotta say Jax wouldn’t take no for an answer. There were a lot of nos before I got to that point and sometimes you gotta be a little more expressive to get through to some people. So that’s the way it played out. There was more there.”

Doute added that not only was Broderick’s conversation with Broderick way longer than what was shown on TV, but that her new boyfriend had his own reasons for not wanting to talk to Menache. “You’re very aware of how toxic and tumultuous that relationship was at the end for me. And you’ve witnessed some things yourself within my breakup with Alex,” she said to Broderick.

Jax Taylor Set Luke Broderick Up By Inviting Kristen Doute’s Ex to the Guys’ Night

Luke Broderick and Jax Taylor

PeacockLuke Broderick and Jax Taylor.

In the second episode of the Bravo spinoff, Taylor organized a boys’ night at an arcade/lounge. At one point, he pulled Broderick aside to assure him he wanted to make him part of his friend group and was “trying to figure out a way” where everyone can hang out.

“Where I don’t have to be like ‘Well who’s coming to this tonight, well I can’t invite this person and I can’t invite this person.’ He explained. “And there’s only one way that this can happen. Dude, you’re a reasonable guy and you’re a nice guy and so is Alex. I think you two would honestly get along.”

Broderick appeared to blow up immediately. “What’s the point dude, what’s the point?” he shouted. “Why would I try to be friends with my girlfriend’s ex? What’s the point?”

Taylor said he thought “maybe there would be a world where you guys can laugh it off now.”

“I’m not going to be okay with a guy like that dude!’ Broderick yelled. “I’m not okay with a guy like that!”

“After Taylor admitted he already invited Menache, Broderick got up from the table. “Why would I give this guy a chance?” he shouted. “Why would I want to be friends with the ex of my girlfriend? I’ve got her back 100 percent! I’ve got no interest in getting to know this guy!”

Kristen Doute Had a Difficult Split From Alex Menache

Kristen Doute and Alex Menache

GettyKristen Doute and Alex Menache.

Doute dated Menache for two years. In June 2022, she announced their breakup just a few months after she moved in with him. At the time, she hinted that the split was amicable. According to E! News, she responded to an Instagram commenter with, “Alex is a wonderful man who I love and respect very much.”

But something changed.  On “The Valley” premiere, Doute shared that she had owned a “beautiful” Valley Village home that Menache convinced her to sell and move in with him. “Over the next five months, we broke up about seven times until he kicked me out, and I moved into an apartment,” she said, according to Bravo TV.com.

In a confessional on ‘The Valley,” Broderick said, he was aware of his girlfriend’s tumultuous past with Menache. “Kristen has told me that her ex was very difficult. Their relationship still triggers her,” he said. “Jax knows her triggers,” he added. “Jax knows how to make her freak out. I don’t think it’s something that friends do to friends.”

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