Southern Hospitality’s Maddi Reese Addresses ‘Super Complicated’ Relationship

Maddi Reese

NBCUniversal Maddi Reese

Maddi Reese is back on Bravo as season 2 of “Southern Hospitality” premiered on Thursday, December 7, and the season 1 breakout star spoke about her “complicated” relationship dynamic with Trevor Stokes.

The topic of Stokes’ infidelity was a topic last season, though Reese had decided to stay with her boyfriend. In the season 2 premiere, viewers learned that they were still a couple and living together.

“I’m someone who definitely feels my feelings, but I was willing to put everything out there and give this a chance because I cared about [Tervor] and the relationship,” Reese told People of her decision to stay with Stokes. “And you’ll have to watch what happens, but I’m ultimately happy I gave it my all because that’s the type of person I am.”

According to the publication, Reese and Stokes are no longer together, though she said the situation is “complicated.” She explained, “Anyone who has been in a rocky relationship or a situationship or an on-and-off relationship, I feel like you know how it is. It’s super complicated. And you’ll see me navigating that on the show.”

“I definitely see Trevor, even if it’s not by choice,” she continued. “Because you have to remember, Charleston is a really small town. It’s not like you don’t have to run into your ex every day, you definitely do here! So you can’t run away from your problems.”

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Maddi Reese Addressed Her Co-Star Joe Bradley’s Interest in Her During ‘Southern Hospitality’ Season 1

Reese said she was surprised to learn of her co-star Joe Bradley‘s feelings for her last season and received a lot of pressure from viewers about it. “A lot of the outside world was like, ‘What the f***! There’s this perfectly good guy who loves you! Why aren’t you going with him?'” she told the publication.

“And yeah, for sure I considered it and wondered whether I’d regret not going out with him,” she continued. “But I don’t think it’s that easy.” Reese said she wasn’t really sure what to do when she first learned of his feelings and was confused.

“I’ve been cheated on before in the past, so I have a really hard time trusting people — I have trust issues — and I’m definitely trying to navigate that,” she shared. “But at the end of the day, if you don’t have trust, you have nothing. So I’m really trying to gauge that and figure that out, whether it be in my romantic life or with my friends.”

During the ‘Southern Hospitality’ Season 2 Premiere, Viewers Learned That Trevor Stokes Was Again Accused of Cheating on Maddi Reese

The “Southern Hospitality” premiere showed that Reese and Stokes will be rocked again by a cheating allegation involving Stokes.

Reese explained in a confessional interview that she and Stokes were doing really good and were living together. However, one of Bradley Carter’s clients told him that she met Stokes one night and the two hit it off. She claimed that Stokes bought her drinks and they ended up making out. According to her, she had no idea that he was in a relationship.

Carter shared the news with his Republic coworkers and Reese was eventually made aware of the allegation. Although she began by saying she knew about her boyfriend’s drunk night, she said he hadn’t told her about making out with someone. The DJ left work to go back to the house and the episode ended as she stormed inside, taking off her mic and arguing with Stokes.

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