Danielle Olivera Dating ‘Giddy’ Bravo Star After Meeting at BravoCon

Danielle Olivera

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Danielle Olivera of “Summer House” fame and “Southern Hospitality” star Joe Bradley surprised fans when they appeared together at a “Watch What Happens Live” taping in November 2023 and the two Bravo stars have now confirmed that they’re dating.

“It was an instantaneous connection,” Bradley told People of their first meeting at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas. “Before we even talked, we were making eye contact from across the room and you could tell there was some tension there. We were drawn to each other.”

He said he didn’t hesitate to shoot his shot and revealed at a panel that he had his eye on Olivera even though they hadn’t talked yet. “I was like, ‘That Danielle girl is really beautiful,'” he revealed. “And she didn’t even know I said that but the next night, we started making out and I took her back to my suite… And yeah, we had a great time,” he told the outlet.

Bradley said they’re not pumping the brakes anytime soon either and revealed that he was flying the “Winter House” star down to Charleston for the weekend. “I get all giddy,” he said. “This is the first time ever I’ve flown a girl into town, and her first time she’s been here, so I plan on pulling out all the stops. It’s what she deserves. I’ve been thinking about her all the time. Wish me well with it!”

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Joe Bradley Addressed His WWHL Appearance That Served as a ‘Hard Launch’ for the New Bravo Couple


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Bradley spoke about his surprising appearance in the audience at Olivera’s “Watch What Happens Live” taping. He told the publication that after their connection at BravoCon, Olivera invited him to New York City. He said he thought it was a throwaway comment but she asked him two days later if he’d booked his flight yet. “And I was like, ‘Oh wow, she was serious!'” he shared. “And then next thing I know, I was mic’ed up and sitting in the audience at WWHL.”

The “Southern Hospitality” star said the WWHL appearance was a hard launch for the couple but he didn’t mind it because he often moves fast when he likes a person. Bradley said the entire New York trip was great for the couple and Olivera showed him around the city. “All our stresses went away,” he shared. “It was an amazing few days. It felt like we were in a movie.”

Bradley described Olivera as “beautiful” and said what he really liked about her was that she was “unapologetically herself.” He said it seemed as though being on reality TV hadn’t changed her at all and he enjoyed how down-to-earth she was.

Danielle Olivera Is Appearing in ‘Winter House’ Season 3 While Joe Bradley Is Set to Return in ‘Southern Hospitality Season 2

Olivera is currently appearing in “Winter House” season 3. During the season, Olivera opened up about her breakup with chef Robert Sieber. She shared that the couple split in late 2022 and that she’d been open to a reconciliation but Sieber closed the door on that possibility.

Instead, viewers saw Olivera pursue a rebound fling with “Below Deck” star Alex Propson, though it has caused drama in the house due to Propson’s love of flirting with everyone.

As for Bradley, he will be making his return to Bravo when season 2 of “Southern Hospitality” premieres on December 7. The VIP manager shared his interest in Maddi Reese during season 1 of the show, though Reese was in a relationship. At the same time, Bradley was pursuing Mia Alario, until the show’s season finale saw both women confront Bradley for going after both of them.

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