Madison LeCroy’s Fiance Brett Randle’s Job: What Does He Do?

Madison LeCroy

Getty Madison Lecroy attends the TBT Magazine Charleston launch party.

It is time for season 8 of “Southern Charm” on Bravo, and viewers will likely to hear quite a bit about Brett Randle in the episodes ahead. During season 7, fans watched as Madison LeCroy moved on from her former beau, Austen Kroll, and fell for Randle. LeCroy and Randle are now engaged, and the couple’s wedding planning will be incorporated into the new season of “Southern Charm.” LeCroy’s romance with Randle was a bit of a whirlwind, which has left fans curious to know more about Randle. What does he do as a career?

Here’s what fans need to know:

Randle’s Job Is Based in California

LeCroy and Randle met while she was visiting Arizona, noted Us Weekly, and she’s noted they “have the same kind of ideas about where we want our lives to go.” Randle pops up on LeCroy’s Instagram page fairly often, but so far, he seems to resist having social media pages of his own or film for “Southern Charm.”

Randle is from Roseville, California, which is in the Sacramento area, detailed Us Weekly. He has four siblings, and apparently, they are all on board with their brother’s engagement. Randle played basketball in high school, revealed Ultimate Hoops, and it appears he may have worked as a firefighter in Sacramento for several years, between 2014 and 2018, according to Open Payrolls. LeCroy has been determined to protect her fiance’s privacy as she continues to film “Southern Charm,” so little about his career has been detailed on the series. A LinkedIn page suggests he currently works as an account manager for Nike, and it is clear his career provides him some flexibility as well as the ability to live well and travel often.

Both LeCroy & Randle Will Travel Frequently

According to LeCroy’s profile on Bravo, she is currently splitting her time between California and South Carolina. Randle owns a home in California, LeCroy told Bravo, but the couple together bought their “dream home” in a family neighborhood in Charleston. It is expected he will need to travel between his home in South Carolina and the one he has in California to keep up with work commitments.

“I could cry every day because it’s just bliss,” she says of the new home. She noted Randle has never been married before, so buying a home with her and getting married is “like a different kind of chapter in both of our lives.” They plan to raise their family in the four-bedroom home, and she sees the new place as one where she wants “to raise my future children.”

LeCroy may be splitting her time between California and South Carolina, but she told Bravo she made it clear to Randle “I’m not leaving Charleston for good.” She expects he will “pretty much” be in Charleston “full time,” and it seems they’ve fallen into a good routine on the situation at this point. Randle’s April 2021 proposal came as a surprise to her, as did the gorgeous 3.5-carat engagement ring, detailed by People. Despite the romance being a true whirlwind experience, she believes, “we both know what we want and why wait any longer?” Randle may still choose to remain off-screen throughout season 8 of “Southern Charm,” but LeCroy will pop up and viewers will be eager to learn more about her fiance and new life.