Madison LeCroy Claps Back: ‘I’m Ready to Beat Your A**’

Madison LeCroy

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Madison LeCroy will be back on our screens this week when the 8th season of “Southern Charm” premieres on Bravo and the divisive reality star has just hit back at criticism from fans about her appearance.

LeCroy took to her Instagram Stories on June 20 to share a workout series with her followers and then added a strong message to her detractors. “Congratulations for everyone that’s gonna join us for six weeks, I’m excited,” she said. “I’ve tried the workouts but I haven’t started every single one of them yet and I’m going to be doing that with you.”

She then added, “Oh and real quick. Those of you who keep writing on my page saying, ‘she’s in shape because she had surgery.’ Let’s fight. I’m ready to beat your a**, you know what I’m saying?” The Bravo star explained, “I legit put in so much work to get where I am and I continue to still do it. I could just give up because I had surgery but that is so belittling and just effin’ rude. I’ve had absolutely enough. Cause this,” she added, showing off her butt, “was not from a doctor. This is from hard work.”

So how about you get your a** up and work, okay? And if I do a little tweak here and there, it’s cause I had a 10 lb 9 oz child so why don’t you scroll all the way down in my picture and look at me when I was flat-chested and my stomach I still had abs but I had loose skin.

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LeCroy Opened Up Last Year About Getting a ‘Full Mommy Makeover’

LeCroy has been upfront about getting surgery and revealed in February 2021 that she had a “full mommy makeover.” The mother-of-one revealed to Bravo Insider that she wanted to be honest about the work she had done, “because I feel like people think that [plastic surgery] is such an easy way out.” She said she wanted to clear up the idea that cosmetic procedures can just wipe away any insecurity.

“The thing was, I put in so much work,” she shared. “I worked out, I ate well, and there were things that I just could not change. And that is because I had a ten-pound baby, and every mother knows that things are very different after that.” The Bravolebrity met with a plastic surgeon and she said he was “realistic.” She added:

He’s like, ‘I don’t think you need that,’ or, ‘I think this is gonna fit you.’ I just wanted to make sure that it was tasteful, and I was happy. I don’t want people to look at my chest before they look at me as an individual, and be like, ‘Oh my god.’

LeCroy elaborated on the recovery process and said although the pain was generally manageable, “having my abdominal muscles put back together was probably one of the worst pains I’ve ever been in.” She also shared her advice with others and said, “I recommend it for anyone who has insecurities about something that they try to fix over and over. But, I recommend putting in the hard work before you go through a surgery.”

‘Southern Charm’ Returns to Bravo on June 23

The 8th season of “Southern Charm” is premiering on June 23 but when it was announced, fans quickly noticed that LeCroy wasn’t included in the cast photo. The hairstylist has been a major part of the show in the past couple of seasons thanks to her volatile on-and-off relationship with Austen Kroll and fans last saw her under fire from co-stars at the season 7 reunion in early 2021.

Since then, LeCroy has moved on in her personal life and began dating someone new, Brett Randle. After a six-month relationship, the couple got engaged and are now wedding planning. LeCroy will still be on the season, though, and according to LeCroy’s cast bio for season 8, she is “busy planning her wedding and splitting time between South Carolina and California.”

“Southern Charm” season 8 premieres on Thursday, June 23 on Bravo.

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