Malia White Slammed for Comments About ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Malia White

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The ongoing season of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” season 7, is the first since season 4 not to feature Malia White as the bosun and the polarizing figure addressed the current bosun’s work on the show as well as her own potential return. White opened up a Q&A on her Instagram Story, telling her followers she hadn’t seen the 7th season yet but did see “this clip,” in reference to the yacht hitting a dolphin on its way to the dock in the 4th episode.

As bosun Raygan Tyler was calling out distances, with Captain Sandy Yawn at the helm, Tyler said the dolphin was 3 meters away. Deckhand Jason Gaskell disagreed and called out that it looked more like 1 meter and that they were about to hit it, which is exactly what happened. Captain Sandy noted afterward that the yacht didn’t appear to be damaged, but viewers also saw that she was texting the yachting staffing team and asking for a replacement bosun.

Someone asked White about the docking incident, “Who is at fault in this situation? Was this a hard [maneuver]?” The “Below Deck” star replied, “They were coming off the dock & maneuvering between two dolphins. Not a difficult situation at all.” She explained, “In the Med this is standard procedure. The difficulty between Captain Sandy & the Bosun is their communication. It’s a new team for Sandy & she is relying heavily on her teams skills. And vice versa.”

White was also asked, “How glad are you that you weren’t bosun when this happened,” with a crying laughing emoji. She replied with a photo of herself thinking and the caption, “Would it have happened though?!” hinting that such an incident might not have happened with her as bosun. The screenshots have been saved and shared on Reddit.

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White Spoke About Her Future on ‘Below Deck’ & Said She Wouldn’t Return as a Bosun But Is Open to Returning in a Higher Position

During the same Q&A, White also spoke about her own possible return to the show. She was asked, “Will we see you on Below Deck again?” She replied, “Not as a bosun…” Someone else asked, “When we gonna see Captain Malia on [a] Below Deck season?” White replied simply with a photo of herself navigating a boat along with an eyes emoji.

The “Below Deck Med” star previously spoke about stepping away from the show, telling Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she wanted to take a break after season 6. “I don’t have bad feelings towards any part of Below Deck or anything that’s happened,” she told the publication. “It’s not that I might never come back to the show,” she added. “I’m just not on the next season.”

White explained that she was in a “really bad scooter accident” around one year ago. While she recovered pretty well, she said that and studying for a “big oral [exam]” made it a “good time to take a break and take a step back [from the show],” she shared.

White, who began on “Below Deck Med” as a deckhand before returning as a bosun, also spoke about wanting to move up in the yachting world. “I mean, I’ll have my officer’s ticket soon if they want to have a strong officer or a captain one day they know where to find me,” she shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Fans Had Strong Reactions to White’s Comments

Many fans reacted to White’s comments in a Reddit thread about the topic, with one person saying, “I’m not sure if she’d come back as captain in the near future, but I believe she’s working as a first officer so that’s feasible. If she did come back to BD as first officer, there is the risk that she’d still have to do the work of bosun as Eddie [Lucas] did, unless a bosun is also hired.”

One person wrote, “She can be captain of the tender.” Someone else commented, “I honestly think she may be more annoying than [Captain Sandy Yawn]. They’re cut from the same cloth.” One person slammed White, “She is obsessed with herself. It’s so obnoxious.” Another criticized her, “Ask me about something I haven’t watched. That doesn’t scream I need attention.”

One person commented, “Seeing Raygan take over as the new bosun, makes me realize that Malia was pretty good at her job and leading her team. As a person, we’ve seen some pretty s***** behavior from her, but as a leader and a teacher she’s all right.” Someone agreed, “Raygan is an awful bosun. Malia, while somewhat of an awful person, is a competent bosun. She’s not wrong.”

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