Magazine Editor Tells Andy Cohen Which Bravo Stars Are ‘Blacklisted’

Andy Cohen

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“The Real Housewives” stars have appeared in countless magazines, including cover photos, interviews, and full spreads, but which Bravo stars are banned from future appearances? Interview Magazine Mel Ottenberg appeared as the bartender in the April 11 episode of “Watch What Happens Live”, and he told host Andy Cohen who he considers “blacklisted” from the pages of Interview.

“Summer House” stars Kyle Cooke and West Wilson were the two in-studio guests, so Cohen asked Ottenberg for his feelings on the Carl Radke-Lindsay Hubbard engagement/split during the WWHL After Show.

“I just started watching. I’ve never watched ‘Summer House’ before last night, watched all seven episodes [of season 8],” Ottenberg replied, “and I kept saying to Andy backstage ‘Who is this mean blonde lady with Carl?’ So I didn’t know anything, I was just explained — anyway, I don’t like it. I like Carl. And what I really don’t like is [Kyle’s] flower boy demotion. You don’t do that.”

“So suffice to say, Lindsay will not be getting a feature in Interview anytime soon?” Cohen asked.

Mel Ottenberg Would Blacklist 2 Bravo Stars From Interview Magazine

Ottenberg was quick to confirm Cohen’s suspicions, but not only that, he also name dropped a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star who he wouldn’t want featured in his magazine.

“No. No, no, no, she’s blacklisted. Her and Teddi. Teddi Mellencamp, watch out,” Ottenberg said.

While Ottenberg didn’t give a reason why he was blacklisting Mellencamp on WWHL, he opened up about his history with RHOBH in an April 9 Interview Magazine interview with Mellencamp’s former co-star and friend Lisa Vanderpump. During the interview, Ottenberg confessed that he had not seen any Bravo shows before the COVID-19 pandemic, but then he quickly binged all of RHOBH once in quarantine.

“I went from being like, ‘I’ve never watched a Bravo show,’ to watching all of ‘Beverly Hills’ in six weeks and it was the best thing I’ve ever done,” he told Vanderpump.

The pair couldn’t resist throwing a dig Mellencamp’s way during their talk, with Ottenberg saying later in the interview, “Teddi Mellencamp is from hell, and Lisa Vanderpump is TV heaven,” to which Vanderpump replied, “Oh, I love it.”

“It’s a fact. Where’s Teddi Mellencamp now, babe?” Ottenberg then asked, with Vanderpump answering, “I heard she’s scratching around on some podcast somewhere,” and Ottenberg adding back, “I’m sure she is, but we’re not listening to it.”

Rihanna Shared Her RHOBH Takes in Interview Magazine’s Latest Issue

Not only has he shared his own Bravo takes, but Ottenberg was also able to get one global superstar to share hers as well. Rihanna was on the cover of Interview’s Spring 2024 issue, and during her interview with Ottenberg, she opened up about some of her “Housewives” takes.

When asked if she thought RHOBH’s Kyle Richards was dating her friend Morgan Wade, Rihanna answered with a laugh, saying, “I mean, duh. Listen, I love Kyle. It’s weird commenting on her relationship because I don’t know the facts. I just feel like she was able to re-observe her marriage through a new lens. For once, someone else made her feel valued, made her feel like she was cute and quirky and fun and all the great things that maybe were taken for granted before. And that’s why I believe that there’s something with Morgan, because sometimes, it takes that for you to fight for what you deserve.”

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