Natalya Scudder Reveals Where She Stands With Kyle Viljoen Now

Natalya Scudder

NBCUniversal Natalya Scudder

A new season of “Below Deck Mediterranean” is here and the drama at sea is back, this time between two returning cast members: stews Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen.

Viewers saw the crew members’ ups and downs last season and it seems as though they’re starting season 8 off on great terms. Viewers saw Scudder describe Viljoen, who was unable to join the boat for the first charter, as her “twin flame” and reserve the other bunk in her room for him. However, as the trailer indicated, the two will eventually get into some explosive arguments.

While speaking with ET about the season, Scudder said she learned from her mistakes last season about confronting then-chief stew Natasha Webb and Viljoen about her work duties. “This year, I definitely approach it very quickly, and it does not work out for me,” she confessed.

She explained that the situation with Viljoen started off great and she wanted to bunk with him because she wanted his support and advice for things happening in her personal life. “All I can say is I was very excited for him to step on board, but things go pretty sour,” she admitted. “But then they go back, and it’s up and down again.”

“I really depended on Kyle this season to help me get me through, and then we have a few conversations that also get me quite upset,” she continued. Scudder went on to reveal that she would not work with some of her crew members from season 8 again, including Viljoen.

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Natalya Scudder Said There Were People, Including Kyle Viljoen, That She Wouldn’t Work With Again

During her interview unpacking the season, Scudder admitted, “There are definitely people I just would never work with again” after the 8th season. “If someone just disrespects me, doesn’t treat me how I would treat them, I am not going to sit there and just be like, ‘Oh, just because you are in a higher role than me just means I am going to take it…’ Like, I will straight away, I don’t bite my tongue. I just say it how it is.”

The Australian native also revealed that she would “absolutely not” work with Viljoen again. In terms of where she stands with her castmates today, she said viewers could find out based on who she was following on Instagram, which does not include Viljoen.

Despite their feud that’s set to play out on-screen, Scudder urged fans not to pick any sides between the two of them. “I don’t want anyone to be like ‘Team Natalya’ and ‘Team Kyle,'” she shared. “We’ve already dealt with it, and it’s just stressful. We are going to have to relive through it all again.”

The Trailer for ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 8 Showed Natalya Scudder Involved in a Lot of Conflicts on Board

The trailer for season 8 of “Below Deck Med” showed Scudder having conflicts with not just Viljoen but with Tumi Mhlongo as well. There were several scenes of Scudder and Viljoen yelling at each other while another scene had Mhlongo accuse Scudder of “attacking” her since their first day on board.

Mhlongo and Viljoen weren’t in the premiere because they both had visa issues coming into the country, leaving Scudder to start the season as a temporary chief stew. However, her handover of the reins to Mhlongo won’t be smooth as the trailer saw the Australian native tell Mhlongo, “You tried to show authority from day one.”

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